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Review: James Taylor, revitalized at 70, brings comforting joy to Amalie Arena in Tampa

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  • It was a Junior Walker song, (I’m a) Road Runner, that did it, that untethered James Taylor from his six-string and barstool.
  • Taylor assured fans that the 68-year-old Raitt was recovering nicely, and even had them record a get-well-soon message to encourage her to get back on the road.
  • On the other hand, with two full sets to play with, Taylor and his 11-piece band could afford to have fun with the setlist, mixing covers and extra songs amongst just about every hit fans could want.
  • The band, a mix of Taylor veterans and renowned sidemen like horn player Lou Marini of the Blues Brothers, such a character he had T-shirts on sale at the merch table was always present, always persistent on every song.
  • Even on Taylor’s gentler songs, the band was front and center: Steve Gadd’s evocative snare roles in Fire and Rain, for example; or a lovely interplay between Andrea Zonn’s violin and Kevin Hayes’ piano on Copperline.

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In Cuba, the great American tourism boom goes bust

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  • During the first three months of this year, 95,520 Americans came to Cuba – a 40 percent drop from the same period last year, according to Cuban government statistics.
  • In November, the Trump administration published new guidelines on travel to Cuba, part of an effort to ensure that U.S. dollars were not directly aiding the communist governments power structure.
  • Yet buried inside the Trump administrations new measures was a loophole that, much like Obamas rules, still allows Americans to go to Cuba as independent visitors as long as they engage with civil-society groups, such as artists or local business executives.
  • If the Cuban people continue to suffer it is because the Castro regime doesnt allow them to hire employees, and operate and expand their own businesses, not because of the new U.S. policy toward Cuba, he said in a statement.
  • And after cutting flights to Cuba last year because of weaker-than-expected demand, a number of U.S. airlines this month snapped up the chance to win new routes to the island being awarded by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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Golden State Killer suspect charged with four more murders

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  • The man suspected in the Golden State Killer crimes has been charged with four more murders, as authorities across California continue to piece together clues in a string of killings and rapes that terrorized the state four decades ago.
  • Authorities arrested DeAngelo last month, after using a combination of DNA, genealogy and exhaustive detective work to conclude that the man quietly living out his golden years in a Sacramento suburb could be one of the nations most notorious serial predators.
  • DeAngelo has now been charged in all the known slayings linked to the Golden State Killer, but police also are exploring whether he might have carried out the killings of a mother and son in the Simi Valley area in 1978.
  • Police and prosecutors say the Golden State Killer – also known as the Visalia Ransacker, the East Area Rapist and the Original Nightstalker – began his crimes with a series of break-ins that escalated to brutal rapes in the Sacramento area in 1976.
  • Police are hoping to find traces of the killers DNA on letters he sent and then use the same technique employed in the Golden State Killer case to find a suspect.

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Lightning eye bounce-back performance against Capitals

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  • Its unfortunate how we played a couple of these Game 1s in the last couple of rounds, (and) dug ourselves a small hole this series, the coach said after a workout Saturday at the teams suburban practice facility.
  • There were so many good things weve done in two rounds of hockey that I think if you bottled up all the bad things in those first 10 games it would be about half of what we did in that one game last night.
  • Coach Barry Trotz, mindful that Tampa Bay lost Game 1 of its second-round series 6-2 to Boston only to strom back and win four straight games, reiterated it wont be easy to build off the Caps success in the opener.
  • At the same time weve got to realize Tampa Bay is going to have some desperation in their game.
  • I cant imagine were going to see the same Tampa team we saw in the first period the rest of this series.

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Police search for armed and dangerous suspect who robbed Sarasota Walmart

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  • Police in Sarasota are searching for a man who is believed to be armed and dangerous following a robbery at Walmart.
  • Around 9 a.m. Sunday, police say the armed man walked into the check-cashing area of the Walmart on North Tamiami Trail near Myrtle Street and demanded cash.
  • The suspect is described as a black man in his 30s standing about 510 to 6 tall.
  • He also had a dark tote string backpack.
  • Police believe the man is armed and dangerous and have launched a search for him in the area near Walmart.

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[/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text el_class=”topfeed-embedly”] Police search for armed and dangerous suspect who robbed Sarasota Walmart [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [/vc_row]