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Lightning-Capitals: Times staff predictions for the Eastern Conference final

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  • TAMPAHere’s our Lightning coverage team’s predictions for the Tampa Bay-Washington Eastern Conference final, which starts Friday at Amalie Arena: Roger Mooney, staff writer The Lightning has this calmness about it having been in this position in three of the past four years.
  • READ more from Roger Mooney Tom Jones, columnist I picked Boston to beat Tampa Bay in the last round, so now I can’t win with Lightning fans, who want me to pick against the Lightning again.
  • Prediction:Lightning in 6.
  • Lighting fans’ tribute to the Humboldt Broncosis catching on Greg Auman, staff writer The Capitals will be motivated by their first conference final since 1998, but advantages of playoff experience and home ice should help Tampa Bay advance.
  • READ more from Greg Auman Frank Pastor, sports digital editor I fully believe Alex Ovechkin will win a Stanley Cup, maybe more than one, before he hangs up his skates.

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Buckhorn tells Tampa in annual speech: ‘Look at us now, just look at us now’

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  • TAMPA It may or may not have been his last State of the City address, but Mayor Bob Buckhorn left it all on the stage Friday.
  • In a forceful speech that took shots at Tallahassee, celebrated the citys diversity, listed his accomplishments as mayor and gave advice for voters about to select his successor, the two-term mayor clearly reveled in his role as booster in chief.
  • The park will stimulate development on the west bank of the Hillsborough River, Buckhorn said, asking a longtime North Hyde Park neighborhood activist, Ruth McNair, to stand and be recognized for her efforts to revitalize what had been a moribund recreation area whose July 4, 1977, opening had faded into…
  • This park will stand as a testament to the commitment of this city to ensure that the rising tide of prosperity floats all boats, Buckhorn said, adding that the massive West River redevelopment project just to the north would spread prosperity to West Tampa.
  • Buckhorns vision of a city poised on the brink of a breakthrough resonated with Youngblood.

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A high school student tried to steal a Jacksonville Jaguars player’s truck, police said

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  • A Jacksonville man tried to speed off with a Jacksonville Jaguars players 2017 Ford F-150, Action News Jax reported.
  • Joseph Horton, 18, was seen walking around the Jacksonville Beach home of Brandon Linder, a lineman for the Jaguars, during a house party on Wednesday where Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles was attending, according to a police report obtained by Action News Jax.
  • Party guests didnt recognize Horton, home of Brandon Lindera student at Fletcher High School, News 4 Jax reported.
  • Horton said he went to the house to find his ex-girlfriend, but guests had no idea who he was talking about.
  • Horton was charged with burglary, trespassing and grand theft, according to News 4 Jax.

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Little Steven Van Zandt is giving teachers free tickets to his Clearwater concert

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  • Little Steven Van Zandts made a few magical memories in Tampa Bay over the years.
  • Before Little Stevie and his 15-piece Disciples of Soul perform at the Capitol Theatre, the guitarist will gather a slew of local teachers for a free two-hour workshop about his Rock and Roll Forever Foundations TeachRock curriculum, designed to get kids interested in learning about the music of the 20th…
  • Weve introduced over 1,000 new bands in the Underground Garage over the last 10, 15 years they continue to appear in spite of the fact that it no longer makes any sense to be in a rock n roll band, really, he says.
  • Van Zandt is something of an encyclopedia of rock styles and subgenres, especially those from the 60s, an amazingly monocultural decade when artists all chased the same influences.
  • Southern rock was never Van Zandts thing, although he does recall playing a few early gigs with the Allman Brothers Band back when the Boss combo went by the Bruce Springsteen Band.

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Where moms get in free in Tampa Bay, from ZooTampa to the Chihuly

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  • Here are some places in Tampa Bay offering free admission for the most important woman in your life.
  • ZooTampa Mom can see the zoos new baby pygmy hippo, siamang gibbon and Bornean orangutan for free with the purchase of one full-price admission.
  • Glazer Childrens Museum Mom gets free admission and play today.
  • Tampa Bay History Center Children 7 to 17 get into the museum free with one paid adult admission.
  • Sarasota Jungle Gardens Mothers and grandmothers can see the new baby ring-tailed lemur and other animals for free with the purchase of any full-price same-day admission.

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[/vc_column_text] [vc_column_text el_class=”topfeed-embedly”] Where moms get in free in Tampa Bay, from ZooTampa to the Chihuly [/vc_column_text] [/vc_column] [/vc_row]