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Video: Alligator goes for a swim in Sarasota County pool

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  • An 11-foot alligator took a dip in a Sarasota County swimming pool.
  • A homeowner found the gator in the water and called authorities.
  • A trapper was called in to remove the gator from the pool.

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Look at grandma’s guns: At 97, she flexes her muscle at Tampa Bay competition

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  • Traina, who is 97, may seem an unlikely weightlifter, but she was one of seven elderly women who traveled from Tampa Bay to compete in the Polk County Senior Games in Lakeland recently.
  • They wore matching T-shirts that read, Bill Beekley Academy of Powerlifting Senior Division.
  • The group attends about six competitions each year, including the Hillsborough County Senior Games in the fall.
  • But the senior powerlifting program will continue in a smaller space at Crossfit Jaguar, on North Trask Street in Tampa.
  • *** To see the women in action, attend the Edith Traina Inspirational Open at Strong Life Tampa Bay, 5115 Knox St. in Tampa, on Saturday.

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Original Devil Rays return for Trop ceremony

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  • It was 20 years ago Saturday that the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays threw the first pitch in team history.
  • To mark the occasion, the team invited some of its original players back for 20th anniversary festivities.
  • Haven’t seen a lot of these guys in 18-20 years, so it’s good to reconnect with these guys and catch up.
  • It was just a great energy once the first pitch went out, said Suzanne Corte, who was there 20 years ago for the inaugural game and hasnt missed an Opening Day since.
  • The whole team erupted and the stadium has changed from being what we didn’t know what we’re gonna have, but now we have it.

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