Tampa News Friday, March 30 Severely abused twins, Pediatric intensive care, Diapers & more…


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HEARTWARMING: Florida nurse adopts severely abused twins

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  • JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WFLA/CNN) – A pair of severely abused twins have a second chance at life after they were adopted by a Jacksonville nurse who cared for them at the hospital.
  • Jess Hamm first saw one of the twins during her nursing shift at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.
  • Hamms went through the adoption process and learned Delilah had a sister named Caroline.
  • Hamm always wanted to be a mom and never knew adoption was the right choice until she met these girls.
  • I hope that people hearing my story opens them up to adopting.

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The bottom line: One in three families can’t afford diapers. Why are they so expensive? | Features | Tampa Bay Times

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  • Across America, millions of parents find themselves caught amid these opposing forces: diapers that keep getting better but not cheaper, the gap in assistance for the poor and the every-few-hours wail of a child who needs a change.
  • Lalandria Goolsby discovered the diaper divide nine months into her pregnancy.
  • Throughout her pregnancy, Lalandria had fantasized about raising her child far from the St. Petersburg housing project she called home, somewhere full of opportunity, maybe California.
  • Within days, Lalandria was back down to just five clean diapers.
  • Diaper companies also create their own web content, engage millennial moms on Pinterest and Instagram, and send freebies to influencers with thousands of social media followers.

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Judge rules that cancer warning should be on coffee

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  • The coffee in your cup right now could be giving you cancer and a California judge says there needs to be a warning label on your favorite java.
  • A small non-profit called The Council for Education and Research on Toxins is calling out the coffee industry for using it, saying coffee companies either need to remove the chemical or put a warning label on their products.
  • By law in California, a warning label is required for about 900 chemicals known to cause birth defects or cancer.
  • In 2016, the cancer agency of the World Health Organization moved coffee off its possible carcinogen list.
  • Studies indicate coffee is unlikely to cause breast, prostate or pancreatic cancer, and it seems to lower the risks for liver and uterine cancers, the agency said.

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