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Farmer writes gold medal ending for Team USA

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  • (Getty Images)Declan Farmer authored his own miracle on ice Sunday when he carried Team USA to a stunning comeback in the sled hockey gold medal game at the Paralympic Winter Games.
  • RELATED: Video of gold medal win Farmer’s goal with 38 seconds remaining was the first allowed in five tournament games by Canada.
  • It was the third consecutive Paralympic gold for the USA Sled hockey team and the second straight for Farmer, who developed his game in the Tampa Bay Lightning sled hockey program and joined the national team at 14.
  • Farmer, a sophomore at Princeton University, told the Tampa Bay Times late last week that playing Canada in the gold medal game was something he dreamed about since he first started playing sled hockey at age 8.
  • That’s hard a thing to say, the best in the world, but there’s no one better than Declan, said Ron Richardson of Tampa, a fellow sled hockey player who has known Farmer since the day Farmer first tried the sport.

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‘Black Panther’ tops box office for 5th straight weekend

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  • NEW YORK Black Panther has become the first film since 2000’s Avatar to top the weekend box office five straight weekends.
  • According to studio estimates Sunday, Black Panther grossed $27 million in ticket sales over the weekend, pushing its domestic haul to $605.4 million.
  • Worldwide, Black Panther has grossed more than $1.1 billion.
  • That was a modest start for the $90 million film, but Tomb Raider is expected to be the top ticket-seller in China over the weekend.
  • Read more: Why ‘Black Panther’ is revolutionary and an excellent movie

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How birthday fib by dad sparked Louis Domingue’s hockey passion

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  • Domingues father, Charles, passed his son the phone, telling him it was Montreal Canadiens goalie Jeff Hackett.
  • [Courtesy of Charles Domingue] Louis started hockey when he was 7.
  • Louis Domingue hangs with his daughter Mila, 2, in the teams dressing room after practice a couple weeks ago.
  • [Courtesy of Charles Domingue] Louis jokes that his childhood was never normal.
  • Louis Domingue hangs with his daughter Mila, 2, in the teams dressing room after practice a couple weeks ago.

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