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Transparent Referral System on Smart Contracts – MAVRO –

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  • Transparent Referral System on Smart ContractsA referral system in multi-level marketing refers to a method of making public a service or product to intending customers and getting remunerated for every new customer referred and added to the system.
  • MAVROs Transparent Referral System – The MAVRO referral system was created to help customers on the multi-level marketing network make quick and transparent transactions without unnecessary commissions and also without the availability of a third-party.
  • The creation of a multi-level marketing tree on the MAVRO system is really convenient and easy, and this is because new users on the system can either join existing multi-level marketing networks or create their own.
  • The MAVRO referral system is created in such a way that a user gets remunerated each time a new user registers on the platform via the referral link of the old user, also, the new user gets the same treatment as the old user each time other users join using…
  • MAVROs move to integrate the blockchain and Smart Contracts into the multi-level marketing system is a smart move, to implement transparency and decentralization which will make it impossible for financial agencies, banks, and the government from being able to interfere with their restrictive regulatory policies and exorbitant fees

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Home – BitSchool AI

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  • The Tokens stability is very important for BitSchools sustainable growth.
  • Therefore, to achieve and preserve stability in the Token value, the Token exchange value to BitSchools AI Products will be fixed at max [Tokens current market value, Tokens ICO end value)] (take the greater between the two values) for the first year following the launch of the BitSchool Platform.
  • This scheme will act as an effective counter measure against any Token value fluctuations unrelated to the true performance of the BitSchool Platform but rather forced by speculative market movements.
  • Especially when the put option is combined with the 50% discount extended to Token transactions for AI products, the Token exchange value to AI products equals or exceeds twice the value of the Tokens current market value.
  • We assumed an ICO end value of $0.2 for the following graph.

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Tennessee Passes Bill Recognizing Blockchain, Smart Contracts For Electronic Transactions

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  • The governor of Tennessee signed a bill recognizing the legal authority to use Blockchain technology and smart contracts for electronic transactions on March 22, according to legislative tracking site Legiscan.
  • A summary of the bill reads that it recognizes the legal authority of blockchain technology and smart contracts in conducting electronic transactions.
  • Blockchain technology is defined in the bill as any distributed ledger protocol and supporting infrastructure, including blockchain, that uses a distributed, decentralized, shared, and replicated ledger, whether it be public or private, permissioned or permissionless, and which may include the use of electronic currencies or electronic tokens as a medium…
  • A smart contract is defined in the bill as an event-driven computer program, that executes on an electronic, distributed, decentralized, shared, and replicated ledger that is used to automate transactions.
  • The bill notes that no contract relating to a transaction shall be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability solely because that contract contains a smart contract term.

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