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TokenGen Showcase: Smart Contract Generator for the Token Economy

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  • Step two of the TokenGen smart contract generation process is very similar to the step one, the only difference being that it applies to the the tokens crowdsale functionality: – – For your tokens fundraiser, we have prepared three smart contract templates that cover the most popular crowdsale needs: -…
  • So, since the FT ICO has yet to come, and since we still needed to implement and test the payment process, we have done the following setup in order to achieve that: – – So the way this works is, a user pays in Fabric Tokens for their smart contract…
  • The standard fee for TokenGen will be 100 Fabric Tokens, or roughly $11.25 by the FT ICO price regardless of how many smart contract templates the user has selected.
  • We can now check our projects progress on our profile page: – – As you can see, the transaction for our Example Token is already confirmed so TokenGen will soon start generating and testing the smart contracts.
  • Once that happens, the progress bar will fill up to 100% and the Download button will appear for that project: – – Once you click Download you will download the end result of the TokenGen process a ZIP archive with all of the smart contract templates that you have selected…

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  • Bitcoin makes it easy to send real money quickly to anywhere in the world!
  • Bitcoin can also be used to make purchases from a variety of online retailers.

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$35 Million: Smart Contracts Platform Mobius Completes ICO Presale

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  • The turn-key software provider announced it had raised $10 million more than projected on sales of its MOBI token, which in turn is based on the Stellar network.
  • Furthermore, buyers will only be able to purchase MOBI tokens using Stellar’s lumen cryptocurrency.
  • While the ethereum network has been more popular with companies launching token sales, some companies have recently looked to the Stellar network instead.
  • Last month, mobile messaging startup Kik’s chief executive Ted Livingston announced he was moving his company’s kin token to Stellar due to congestion issues on ethereum.
  • CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

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