Smart Contracts News Saturday, March 10 Ether, Contract, Developer experience & more…


Smart Contracts News TLDR / Table of Contents

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Ethereum Account 0xBBC4261Fa8d253Ba1861e6d87946A50487A3b8c8 Info

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    Announcing Beneficiaries of the Ethereum Foundation Grants

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    • As a reminder, the Ethereum project seeks to support useful dapps and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, and the goal of the Ethereum Foundation is to empower developers with best-in-class R&D, developer experience, and education.
    • In that spirit, weve begun a hackternship grant for community members that propose an impactful Ethereum side project.
    • Here are the inaugural Ethereum Foundation grant winners: – – L4 Research Scalability Grant $1.5M. State channels research.
    • World-class developer conferences for Ethereum – – Prysmatic Labs Scalability Grant $100K.
    • * DevEx Grant Improves developer experience (useful for developers).

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    GraphGrail Ai EN

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    • The GraphGrail Ai GAI Token is utility token and acts as internal currency in the system.
    • The Tokens provide NLP end product businesses customers access to the system and the ability to quickly order and receive a solution, such as software development, or an application and data markup for it.
    • Tokens are paid to data markers for their work.
    • Tokens are also paid to the testers and voters for the model – delegates, who monitor their quality and community.
    • The balance of demand and supply of tokens on the platform is achieved due to flexible pricing – the payment to the participants of the platform is greater the more difficult the work on the markup of data.

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