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The Other ICO: Interactive smart contract – aidaservise –

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  • AidaIco is the first smart-contract which is structured and based upon the concept outlined by Vitalik Buterin when investors can revoke their deposits: – For ETH investments: all tokens stashed on investors address get burned and invested ETH forwared back to investors wallet from AidaIco smart-contract.
  • The investment amount get refunded back to investors wallet, minus transaction fee.Withdrawal lockduring the main stage of the ICO refund is possible only till 30th January 2018, inclusive.The Crowdsale SpecificationAID token is ERC-20 compliant.Allocation of AID tokens goes in the following way:Bounty 1%Partners 3%Team 20%Public ICO 76%CodeFallback functionfunction() external payableFallback…
  • finishIcofunction finishIco() external managerOnlyFinish ICO and allocate tokens for bounty company, partners and team enableTokensTransfer() external managerOnlyUnfreezes tokens (enable token rememberEther(uint256 _value, address _investor) internalStores amount invested from specific rememberTokensEth(uint256 _value, address _investor) internalStores amount of AID tokens investor received (for ETH _value, address _investor) internalStores amount of AID tokens…
  • buyForInvestorfunction buyForInvestor(address _investor,uint256 _aidValue,string _txHash) external controllersOnlybuyForInvestor function is called by one of controllers _investor, uint256 _aidValue) function to allocate tokens to investors who make a deposit in non-ETH _investor, uint256 _aidValue) internalIssue tokens for investors who paid in other createTokensForEth(address _investor, uint256 _aidValue) internalIssue tokens for investors who paid…
  • returnEtherfunction returnEther() publicAllows investors to return their investments(in ETH) if preICO or ICO_RETURN_DURATION is not over yet and burns returnOtherCrypto(address _investor, string _logString) external refundManagerOnlyThis method is called by refund manager to burn tokens of investors who want to revoke their investments in other withdrawEther(uint256 _value) external managerOnlyAllows Company withdrawing…

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  • Mavro is something other than a token.
  • It’s an innovation ready to upset the MLM industry covering distributed payments, mass payments and a focus on transparency – which the MLM industry truly needs.
  • Mavro offers not just a decentralized payment component in light of the blockchain, however additionally a feasible economy that produces, oversees and safely allows a vast number of exchanges each and every day.
  • Thus, Mavro plans to disrupt the massive billion dollar marketplace which exists today as multi level marketing

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    [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”topfeed-embedly”]Over 3,000 Ethereum Smart Contracts Contain Major Security Flaws[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]