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Report Claims 34,000 Ethereum Smart Contracts Are Vulnerable to Bugs

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  • Over 34,000 ethereum smart contracts containing $4.4 million in ETH may be vulnerable to exploitation.
  • Their technical report, which is currently undergoing peer review, suggests that millions of dollars in ether may be at risk from poorly coded smart contracts that contain a variety of bugs.
  • Also read:Bad Code Has Lost $500 Million of Cryptocurrency in Under a Year – – Finding The Greedy, Prodigal, and Suicidal Contracts at Scale is the provocative title of a research paper submitted by British and Singaporean students last week.
  • The authors of the report claim to have used a tool to analyze almost one million smart contracts, of which 34,200 were found to be vulnerable, with 2,365 of these stemming from distinct projects.
  • One thing the report deliberately omits is the identity of the smart contracts flagged as being at risk.

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Millions of Dollars In Ethereum Are Vulnerable to Hackers Right Now

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  • They made themselves the owner of this Ethereum code library, called a smart contract, and destroyed it.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of similar smart contracts on Ethereum that control wallets, tokens and applications, or hold funds.
  • Now, researchers say theyve devised a new approach for finding vulnerabilities in smart contracts that would have exposed the flaw DevOps199 exploited before it was too late.
  • Smart contracts are self-executing bits of code that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • According to Sergey, the researchers attempted to track down the creators of the vulnerable smart contracts but did not succeed.

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