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  • Digipharm brings together industry expertise, a mature concept and revolutionary blockchain technology to facilitate the transformation of healthcare to a value-based approach.
  • Spiralling healthcare costs combined with resource constraints have resulted in an unremitting burden on health systems.
  • Trade-offs need to be made, patients are at risk of being denied innovative treatments and there remains barriers to reimbursement for manufacturers.
  • Digipharm bypasses infrastructural limitations to enable the implementation of flexible value-based pricing agreements using smart contracts, the development of unprecedented evidence platforms and the ability to reward patients for contributing their data.

Tags: real world evidence, value-based pricing agreements, flexible value-based pricing, unprecedented evidence platforms, revolutionary blockchain technology

  • Make a Python 3 virtual environment and activate it via – – or to explicitly install Python 3.6 via – – Then install the requirements via – – The template may be compiled as follows – – After the contract is deployed, the Spotcoin backend will force users to go…
  • This address will be whitelisted in our contract via the method.
  • Upon contribution on our site via USD, BTC, ETH, GAS, etc., we will call the function to reserve X amount of SPOT tokens for that address given the current market rates, which are calculated on our backend.
  • The contract will ensure that this happens within the ICO period and the user is limited to getting a maximum of 1 million SPOT.
  • After the ICO period has ended, we (the contract owner) will call – which will create team tokens, in order to maintain the 2-1 ratio of public-to-team tokens.

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Top Smart Contract Courses

Getting Started with Ethereum Solidity Development (6,530 students enrolled)

By Sebastien Arbogast
  • Understand the basic philosophy behind the blockchain and distributed/decentralized applications
  • The basics of how a blockchain generally works, just enough to be able to use it as a development platform
  • Develop a distributed application, from creating a blank project to deploying it in production all the way through writing smart contracts, unit testing them, and creating a user interface for them
  • How to combine the right tools to put together a consistent development environment
  • The fundamentals of the Solidity smart contract language
  • How to use the Truffle build and testing framework
  • How to deploy a decentralized app to various Ethereum instances (testrpc, private chain, test chain, main net)

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Ethereum Blockchain Developer: Build Projects Using Solidity (10,937 students enrolled)

By Ravinder Deol
  • Be Proficient In Solidity Programming By Building Projects In This Course.
  • Understand Blockchain Technology At A Theoretical And Practical Level.
  • Be Aware On A Practical Level Of How Smart Contracts Operate.
  • Be Able To Work With The Ethereum’s Major Core Development Tools.
  • Understand The Core Development Functions Of Ethereum.
  • Understand What Decentralisation Is As We’re Working With This Technology.
  • Be Able To Explain The Structure Of A Solidity Clearly Through Practical Examples.
  • Understand How To Use Web3 In Conjunction With The Project We’re Creating.
  • Be Proficient In Advanced Development With Truffle And Ethereum Studio.
  • Complete A Final Assignment Which Consists Of An Ethereum Blockchain Based Curriculum Vitae.

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Ethereum : Decentralized Application Design & Development (9,794 students enrolled)

By Rajeev Sakhuja
  • Leverage the Ethereum tools/software such as Wallet, Geth, MetaMask, Remix, TruffleV4, Ganache....
  • Create an ERC20 Compliant token to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • Setup Private Blockchain Network
  • Develop Smart contracts in Solidity using multiple tools such as Web3/Ganache/TruffleV4/Mocha framework
  • Comfortably describe how Ethereum Blockchain works | Ethers, Gas, POW, POS, Nodes ...
  • Describe how the Blockchain technologies work | Distributed Ledgers, Consensus, Mining ....
  • Develop UI/front end for Decentralized Application in HTML/CSS/Javascript using web3 libraries
  • Develop end to end Decentralized Applications (DAPP) on Ethereum platform
  • Setup private Ethereum networks for development & experimentation
  • Identify and use the right design patterns for developing smart contracts
  • Architect, Design & Build real use cases on Ethereum platform

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The Complete Ethereum Course: Get .001 Ether In Your Wallet (4,273 students enrolled)

By Ravinder Deol
  • Understand how Ethereum, the emerging cryptocurrency works, and get involved with it practically as well as learning the theoretical side of the cryptocurrency.
  • Realise how becoming an early adopter of Ethereum gives you the best chance to capitalize on its rise, as many would have missed the meteoric rise of Bitcoin.
  • Undertake your first ever Ethereum transaction by receiving .001 Ether from me for completing this course, I will of course walk you through how to setup your wallet.

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Compile Your First Ethereum Smart Contract With Solidity (245 students enrolled)

By Will Bunker
  • Compile a basic smart contract
  • Set a private blockchain for testing
  • Deploy smart contract to blockchain
  • Call the functions on smart contract.

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Learn Solidity: Programming Language for Smart Contracts (3,153 students enrolled)

By Toshendra Sharma
  • Develop Ethereum Smart Contracts using Solidity
  • Understand the basics & advance features of Solidity & Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Develop their own decentralized blockchain applications

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