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Recruiting News Sunday, May 13 Best recruitment memes, ‘off-the-record moments, Largest home services & more…

By Brian

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What’s new?

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10 top recruitment memes and videos to re-energize your day

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    Business Analyst- Recruiting at HomeAdvisor

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    • HomeAdvisor joined forces with Angie’s List in September 2017 to create the largest home services marketplace in the nation.
    • We connect millions of homeowners across the globe with home service professionals through our innovative and user-friendly products.
    • Our business is complicated, with millions of monthly service requests from homeowners, and nearly 200,000 service professionals in our network.Our Recruiting team supports both brands when it comes to hiring, and with the growth, our metrics have become more complex, requiring a need for a dedicated Analyst to support our…
    • We’re constantly exploring better ways to operate and trying new things; coupled with our rapid growth, there are innumerable opportunities to support the team with your insight.
    • This role will be critical to the continued success of hiring for Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor by providing the information necessary to make great decisions.As part of the Finance Operations team, you’ll work daily with HR/Recruiting leadership to develop, execute, monitor, and refine initiatives that drive value and quantify that…

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    HTFP Jobs: Local Democracy Reporters x 9.5, Various

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    • In a groundbreaking step to further bolster the power of local reporting the Johnston Press group is recruiting a number of local democracy reporters to join their multi-award winning team.
    • The local democracy reporters will be expected to investigate how public money is spent, analyze the everyday inner workings of local governments and deliver substantial coverage for the Johnston Press group.
    • To do so the local democracy reporters will be expected to have an in depth understanding of the workings of local government and be able to deliver clear, accessible content for readers.
    • The reporters must have a track record of delivering accurate and original content on strict deadlines, with all content being politically-neutral and balanced.
    • The local democracy reporters role is for a two year fixed term contract.

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    Why Illinois suddenly has a shot at top Midwest recruits

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    • Illinois tight ends coach Cory Patterson.
    • For years, it was common to see high school coaches be hired on to a support staff position at a college , especially when said HS coach was associated with an elite recruit or program.
    • But in 2017, the NCAA changed the rule, making it so that a college could not have recruited a high school for two years before or after hiring one of its coaches hiring a high school coach, unless the college is willing to hire the high school coach into one…
    • Almost immediately, the move paid off in a commitment from athlete Isaiah Williams, a 510 five-star recruit whom seemingly every school wants as an elite a slot receiver, but to whom Illinois is promising a shot to continue playing QB, just as he did for Patterson at Trinity.
    • Illinois is like family to me, said 2020 Trinity running back Mookie Cooper (no relation to Shammond), whom Patterson coached in youth football.

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    How to Develop Your Skill to Become a CHRO

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    • If you ask around, the goal for many HR pros is to land the chief human resources officer (CHRO) title.
    • Next-generation CHROs will perform like the CEO of an HR solutions company, enabling human capital solutions for their company.
    • Next-generation CHROs will perform like the CEO of an HR solutions company… @AlanGuarino – – Business & Financial Acumen – – This might be one of thebiggest challenges of an HR professionalbecause it is a departure from what you may have experienced in an HR role so far.
    • Serving on a board allows the future CHRO to understand all the decisions that go into even the smaller workings of a company and to work with other board members to balance the priorities of multiple departments, stakeholders, employees and executives.
    • In public companies, understanding how talent management and HR impact shareholders is essential for the CHRO role.

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    Top Recruiting Courses

    Recruitment Interviewing (603 students enrolled)

    By Bob Bannister
    • Identify the best applicants for the role.
    • Interview applicants effectively.
    • Avoid legal infringements.
    • Confidently select the best candidate for Job offer.

    Learn more.

    Recruitment for startups: How to avoid common pitfalls (89 students enrolled)

    By Michelle Gyimah
    • Really understand who they want to hire by examining why they are hiring
    • Get to grips with different employment status which will help them avoid expensive tribunals claims
    • Understand the true cost of recruiting new staff - it's not just about wages!
    • Sound and look professional when interviewing job candidates
    • Stay away from inappropriate questions that land them in tribunal
    • Use a system that helsp them pick the best person for the job - based on facts
    • Understand how to do reference checks when someone cannot provide a reference
    • Save themselves up to £2,000 per employee by doing simple employee checks

    Learn more.

    Recruiter Training - Hire Top Employees in 30 days (47 students enrolled)

    By Craig Brown
    • Become a hiring hero at your company by finding the right person in record time.
    • Free up your recruiting schedule so you can focus on other important areas of your job.
    • Free $99 book version of this course!
    • Learn about the 'Heavy Door' theory of job applications.
    • Evaluate candidates using the 'Cross-Platform Verification' technique.
    • Effectively headhunt candidates using Boolean search strings.
    • Use the advertising industry's 'Rule of Three' when contacting candidates.
    • Create a Talent Pipeline that encourages great candidates to become part of your candidate pool.
    • Properly define the role and get buy-in from colleagues 'before' beginning the search.
    • Define the hiring process 'before' recruiting begins, and learn why this is important.
    • Write an accurate, engaging and precise marketing document (aka Job Description), complete with Call-to-Action.
    • Decide where and how to advertise job positions within your budget.
    • Evaluate online profiles and resumes for the 'paper test'.
    • Effectively screen and assess candidates in the early stages.
    • Decide what format final round interviews should take.
    • Create a job offer, negotiate salary and check references accurately.

    Learn more.