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Recruiting Coordinator at Level One Personnel

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  • Our client in Bethesda, MD is seeking a Recruiting Coordinator to assist internal hiring efforts within the organization.
  • The ideal candidate will be detail oriented and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.
  • – Enter new job requisitions and maintain the recruiting database – – – Post internal job openings from various departments to company website, and promote postings on social media and search websites – – – Create and present offer letters to new hire candidates – – – Must have excellent…

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Recruiting Advisor at Arevo Group

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  • A diversified full-service staffing firmheadquartered in the Triad with 13 locations Voted Best Places to Work in the Piedmont Triad 3different occasions Ranked one of the 50 fastest, independently owned business in the Triad for the past three consecutive years Competitive PTO days (up to 5 weeks through tenure and…
  • This candidate will become a team member inone of the most respected staffing companies in the industry that has a culturefocused on employee engagement and progression.
  • Energetic, willingness to learn and grow with the business – – At AREVO Group we cater to current and future leaders, from C-suite to Middle Management and rising stars.
  • Arevo consultants are experts at shaping your career from college graduation to the executive board room.
  • Our commitment to confidentiality in all that we do allows our candidates to explore strategic opportunities without the fear or anxiety of discovery.

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Recruiting Manager – Bilingual at NewGig

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  • We are a leading Food Company looking for a Recruiting Manager to join our team!
  • So if you are a Recruiting Manager looking for a NewGig, apply today!

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NetherRealm Studios Recruiting System Administrator – Jobs

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  • Our Chicago location, Netherrealm Studios is looking for a new Systems Administrator, preferably with 3-5 years of proven SCCM Mgmt experience.
  • If you are highly skilled in SCCM, Software Deployment, Security & System Patching/Updating, and have a proven track record of contributing in a team environment and managing technical tasks, you could be the newest addition to the Netherrealm Studios IT Team.
  • Additionally, this position is responsible for team, project, and task tracking and reporting at multiple levels.
  • Software deployment troubleshooting – – Break/Fix of systems and hardware – – Asset/Inventory Mgmt – – SCCM Mgmt/Administration – – Software Configuration – – User/Dev Account Mgmt – – Automated Software Deployments – – Security Vulnerability Remediation – – Security System Patching – – Security Project Task Mgmt and Reporting…
  • Experience dealing directly with customers/end users – – Extensive workstation build, rollout, imaging experience required – – Experience working with, and escalating to, Senior Level technical support teams – – Experience supporting Microsoft Solutions (Windows, Office, AD, SCCM) – – Experience supporting corporate financial applications/systems – – Experience remediating vulnerabilities,…

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Are You Measuring the Right Recruitment Metrics?

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  • Whether its a vendor telling you about their metric heavy dashboard, a VP of talent acquisition spouting the metrics she watches, or a recruiting admin trying to make sense of the numbers his boss is throwing at him, metrics are a big part of the job.
  • Time to fill = (number of days between publishing a job and making a hire) – – Time to hire = (number of days between candidate engagement and hiring that candidate) – – Each tells you something different about your speed to hire and recruitment function, but here are the…
  • Your quality of hire metric basically shows how good the people are who come into the organization and then, how long they stay.
  • Some insight on pre-hire metrics to help you assess your quality of hire (yes, metrics in metrics… very meta): – – Of course, once you get them in the door, there are a whole lot of other metrics that will ultimately feed into your quality of hire score.
  • While some of these things will seem familiar, there may be one or two you didnt think of before: – – Other great metrics to measure your hiring experience include: candidate satisfaction (try a quick post interview survey); recruiter response time (if your ATS doesnt have an autoresponder or CRM…

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