Recruiting News Friday, May 11 Good faith efforts, Protected class status, Executive search firm & more…

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18 Job Boards Perfect for Diversity Recruiting Compliance Efforts

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  • This means: – – As part of this outreach, employers must establish and focus on good faith recruiting efforts focused on engaging protected classes, building relationships and encouraging them to apply for their open job opportunities.
  • The focus is now on the results of those outreach and good faith efforts with the end goal of getting diverse candidates to apply.
  • Once a candidate beings to apply for a job posting, companies need to include the option for candidates to self-identify for a protected class as early as possible in the hiring and application process.
  • Included in this list below are diversity job boards employers can consider as part of their diversity outreach efforts under the OFCCP.
  • What job boards are you finding produce success in terms of meeting your hiring benchmarks and good faith efforts when it comes to diversity?

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Executive Assistant – global recruiting co. $85K

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  • Top international retained executive search firm is seeking an Executive Assistant to support a consultant in their financial services practice.
  • Successful candidate will have excellent written and verbal communication skills, the ability to pay close attention to detail and shift priorities independently, and will have at least five years of support experience in a fast-paced environment.
  • In a project management capacity, this EA will be called upon to work with client companies and candidates to ensure the smooth operations of the executive recruiting process.
  • Duties include complex calendar management with internal and external meetings, booking detailed domestic and international travel arrangements, managing information in a database and running reports, drafting, proofing and editing documents and PowerPoint presentations and keeping this busy executive on-task.
  • Excellent and unique opportunity for an individual who thrives in the support role and is looking to have ownership of his own work!

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Recruit Better: Create an Online Realistic Job Preview – #HR Bartender

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  • But todays candidates want a realistic job preview in the organization theyre applying to.
  • Just like companies want to learn the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate.
  • A realistic job previewis an opportunity in the recruiting process to give candidates a sense of what its like to work at the company.
  • With technology, companies are doing some innovative things to provide a realistic job preview to candidates: – – Consumers today are doing research prior to making a purchase.
  • Finding a candidate that embraces the company (warts and all) is key to creating engagement.

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Recruiting Practices| Highland Consulting Group

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  • As social media is increasingly being leveraged to evaluate candidates, employers will need to determine what policies they will put in place to ensure consistency in the hiring process.
  • According to the 2018 Reputation Management Study conducted by MRINetwork, nearly half (48 percent) of candidates believe their social media presence is important or very important to potential employers.
  • While many employers casually review candidate social media profiles, the survey reveals that 18 percent are formalizing the process, and another 17 percent say they’re considering doing so in the future.
  • As employers check out candidates, they may inadvertently ignore someone who is a perfect fit simply due to their lack of a social media presence or inconsistent updating of their information.
  • Creating a Consistent Policy on the Use of Social Media in Hiring – – If your company reviews social media profiles, it’s best to establish a policy around the use of candidates’ online information in the hiring process that clearly outlines when online searches should and should not be used….

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International Customer Services Coordinator –

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  • Looking for a Permanent position in the sales and customer service environment?
  • Our Internationally established client is seeking a customer service coordinator to complete the full sales process for small customers and big clients.
  • You will be supporting the European side of the business but will be supporting sales efforts as far as Russia, Spain and Italy.
  • For this position you will need very good experience of using Microsoft packages and internal systems.
  • Experience of working within a sales environment is essential.

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