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5 Fresh Student Recruiting Tactics That Will Make Your Company Stand Out

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  • To help, weve put together a list of innovative ways you can get students attention on and off-campus: – – There are a number of new recruiting tools out there that make the interview process fun for candidates and help you woo talent at campus events.
  • Beyond improving your reach and helping you find potential employees at campuses you dont typically target, these two innovative tools can improve candidate experiences all while helping you get a more realistic and objective snapshot of a students personality (as compared to a traditional interview).
  • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) remain some of the hottest technologies in recruiting and TA, and can help you give a unique experience to students and help them picture what working at your company would be like.
  • Delivered via the Oculus Rift headset, the unique VR experience not only let students envision themselves working for the consumer foods giant, but also attracted tons of attention to their career fair booth.
  • For years, the team focused on its own campus recruiting efforts on traditional strategies like attending career fairs and recruiting at a few elite collegesbut that resulted in a pipeline that lacked diversity.

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What HR must know about recruiting analytics

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  • Whether they’re driven by AI, machine learning or search engines built to parse and contextualize unstructured data, an increasing number of tools are being introduced to apply recruiting analytics as part of candidate screening.
  • He said that some recruiting analytics tools provide real-time source reporting based on job requisition, while others dissect supply-and-demand and pay data to make salary recommendations.
  • Currently, many recruiting analytics tools focus on providing HR and recruiters with feedback on candidates’ interviews and assessing their potential fit, along with scores and rankings, according to Mills.
  • Because recruiting analytics enables HR and hiring managers to evaluate prospective candidates from the time a job is defined all the way until the right candidate is onboarded, in Sharma’s words, the technology sometimes pushes a company to reimagine each step of its process and develop capabilities that provide better-aligned…
  • Skills analytics that can pinpoint the right people, for the right jobs, at the right time, can be the most help to employers and maximize the efficiency of the recruiters and sourcers who work for them, said John Harney, co-founder and CTO of DataScava, a New York City company whose…

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One Month Free Trial

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Senior Practice Accountant ACCA Qualified – part time 3 full days a week –

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  • Working for a local friendly practice, you will be able to prepare the more difficult accounts and give a final review of simpler accounts, the role is client facing.
  • The role includes the following duties and therefore you are required to have technical experience in: – – Reviewing & preparing of Self-Assessment Tax Returns and accounts for sole traders and partnerships.
  • Any new training will be provided in learning the practice software, however, experience with accounting and tax software such as TaxCalc and Quickbooks Online will be an advantage.
  • You will have proven accounts and taxation experience and will have worked in practice for a number of years.
  • You must have a good working knowledge of accounts preparation and computations of taxes with the ability to hit the ground running and assist with preparing and reviewing tasks.

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Common Mistakes Employers Make When Hiring

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  • Having the right team of people working in a business is one of the most important aspects of a successful firm.
  • To ensure that you round out your workforce with the best people then, and avoid these problems, read on for some of the most common hiring mistakes business owners make.
  • However, its important for businesses to have a diversified workforce, made up of a wide range of people from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • When you search for new team members then, dont lock yourself into looking for a particular type of person, or someone only with the same kind of background as you.
  • Although you want diverse candidates when it comes to backgrounds, skills, training and the like, when choosing a new team member, you do want to find someone who has similar values to the rest of the staff and yourself.

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