Recruiting News Wednesday, March 28 300-odd clients—including pepsico, L’oréal—fill vacant jobs, Candidates & more…


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The Russian Robot That’s Hiring Humans

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  • A Russian startup is using Robot Vera, artificial intelligence software designed for recruiting, to help its 300-odd clientsincluding PepsiCo, Ikea, and LOralfill vacant jobs.
  • The software can interview hundreds of applicants simultaneously via video or voice calls, narrowing the field to the most suitable 10 percent of candidates.
  • InnovatorsVladimir Sveshnikov (28) and Alexander Uraksin (30), co-founders of Stafory, a 50-person startup in St. Petersburg – Origin – – The co-founders, with a background in human resources, two years ago found themselves making hundreds of calls to candidates whod lost interest in the given job or couldnt be located….
  • DevelopmentVera, named after Sveshnikovs mother, combines speech recognition technologies from Google,, Microsoft, and Russias Yandex.
  • Sveshnikov and Uraksin are working to teach the bot to recognize anger, pleasure, and disappointment, but even if it can gauge emotions, Vera shouldnt be viewed as a substitute for traditional HR departments, says Mikhail Chernomordikov, a Microsoft Corp. strategist in Dubai.

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How to Take Advantage of Mobile for Recruiting – Employment Background Check Blog – HireRight

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  • By: Alexa Lemzy – – With 45 percent of candidates taking advantage of a mobile device to apply for a job, its no wonder businesses are upping their mobile game when it comes to recruitment.
  • By taking advantage of mobiles numerous advantages, recruiters can both enhance the candidate experience with their company and make the hiring process more convenient for themselves.
  • Understanding Mobile and the Challenge of Improving the Candidate Experience – If 60 percent of applicants abandon the application process because it was too long, imagine how much higher this statistic is on mobile.
  • Live help available on mobile helps candidates navigate the application process successfully at the time thats most convenient to them, allowing them to apply for jobs on the go.
  • And yet… – With all the benefits that mobile recruiting can bring to both candidates and recruiters, it is surprising to know that only eight percent of companies use mobile for recruiting purposes.

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Automation Removes the Pain from Candidate Interview Scheduling

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  • Free up your recruiters’ valuable time and boost candidate experience with software that automates and syncs participants’ back-and-forth when scheduling interviews.
  • Candidate interview scheduling is one of the most fundamental steps in an organization’s hiring process, and a tedious, chaotic manual system is a logistical nightmare for recruiters and leaves candidates with a terrible first impression.
  • Coordinating both candidates’ and the interview team’s busy, always-changing schedules is a universal pain point for recruiters, said Steve Tiufekchiev, chief evangelist at Chicago-based recruiting software company Yello.
  • Interview-scheduling software helps eliminate back-and-forth e-mails and time-intensive phone calls, allows the hiring team to view upcoming interview schedules in real time, and lets them spend more time sourcing and engaging with candidates, Tiufekchiev said.
  • The process is simple: Once a candidate is selected for the screening process, recruiters provide candidates with available time slots to schedule interviews by e-mail or SMS message.

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