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Taking the Gamble Out of Hiring Quality Candidates

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  • Talent acquisition techhas tapped into machine learning andintelligent algorithmsto harness the power of predictive analytics.
  • Predictive analytics is an area of statistics that extracts information from historical data and uses it topredict future trends.
  • Email filters, text suggestion/autocorrect and streaming recommendations are just a few everyday instances of predictive analytics.
  • You probably already use predictive analytics if youve shopped online or Spotify has suggested a new music station based on your tastes.
  • In the same way, predictive analytics can take your sourcing, hiring and retention data to show you which candidates you might hire in the future.

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This AI Tool Makes Job Descriptions More Inclusive

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  • Textio has discovered a secret to getting companies to recruit more diverse employees: Put words in hiring managers mouths.
  • Textio is a writing-enhancement service powered by a proprietary data set of more than 350 million job posts.
  • The proposed text varies by clientTextio tailors recommendations after first studying the companys prior hiring data, including applicant qualifications and demographics.
  • Johnson & Johnson, for example, reported an additional 90,000 female applicants (a 9% increase) in its pipeline last year after using Textio to refine its job postings.
  • With a recent $20 million funding round, Snyder plans to apply Textio to recruiting emails, which take up gobs of hiring managers time and often go unanswered.

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Blockchains and Recruiting. Transformative Technology or Just a Buzzword?

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  • Users of the data know that information included in a blockchain is reliable and immutable.
  • In this case believing that the records are reliable depends on how much trust is placed in the parties that control the blockchain.
  • In one case an error in the software led to the creation of 92 billion bitcoins which the network had to roll back, essentially making a lie of the claim that a blockchain record is immutable and trustworthy.
  • Another problem is that the European Unions upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect in May 2018, is forcing developers to find a way to delete data from blockchains.
  • Blockchain technology is incompatible with EU regulations as currently written.

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