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A glossary of recruiting terms every job seeker should know | CareerBuilder

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  • Background check: Employers use background checks to verify the information a job applicant provides, as well as to check references, credit history, criminal records and more.
  • Benefits: In addition to salaries, employers compensate their employees with additional benefits, such as health insurance, paid vacation time, tuition assistance and stock options.
  • Employment contract: An employment contract is a legal document that lays out binding terms and conditions of employment between an employee and an employer.
  • Your resume is a document that includes your work experience (job titles, employers, duties administered, etc.) and education (school attended, field of study, etc.), along with special skills and professional accomplishments.
  • Talent network: Talent networks (sometimes called talent communities) are automated platforms that enable job seekers to upload their information (name, contact information, work history, etc.) into a company’s database to be notified of new job opportunities.

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Great Candidates Are Out There, Here’s How to Find Them

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  • Once youve written a job advertisement that sounds like it was written by a human being and placed it in front of people doing the type of work you need, imagine what a likely candidate is to do when first seeing the ad.
  • Needing to create an account, fill out a long application, or take a test are all choke points where not only will you lose a lot of potential applicants, but you will never even know they came to your site in the first place interested in the job.
  • Seriously consider making it easy for potential employees to upload a resume and invite them to even if the type of job they want with your company is not listed.
  • Letting people apply with LinkedIn and logins from major job boards, will increase your applicant pool.
  • With outstanding Social Media Agency reviews on Google and exceptional client retention rates, the team at Social Hire really do know what works (and just as importantly, what doesnt work).

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Improve Your Hiring Results With These Speed of Hire Tips

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  • Many recruiting leaders are not aware that the magic bullet in recruiting is improving your speed of hire.
  • Hiring faster improves your quality of hire because you make a hiring decision before any top candidates drop out to take a competing offer.
  • Most recruiting leaders understand the need for speed but few are fully aware of the numerous available action steps that can dramatically speed up hiring decisions.
  • They include: – – The six best ways to reduce delays during the sourcing process include: – – Candidate assessment can contain the most delays of any recruiting step.
  • In my view as the leading advocate for speed of hire over several decades, its time to build a powerful competitive advantage in recruiting by dramatically reducing the time it takes to hire top talent by up to 50 percent.

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