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Customer Service Advisor (34639036) –

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  • THE COMPANY… – – Join a team of experts to offer excellent import and distribution solutions throughout the UK and Ireland.
  • YOUR NEW JOB… – – An exciting opportunity has arisen for a career driven individual to receive quality training and a development structure in a fast growing company.
  • KEY SKILLS – – – Dealing with customers and clients via the telephone and e-mail – – – Providing excellent customer service – – – Assist with marketing campaigns – – – Order processing – – – Offer support to the sales team and managers – – – Processing credit…
  • Salary: 16-20,000 dependent on experience + 5% yearly bonus cap + pension scheme (after 6 months) – – Working Hours: 35 hours per week with 1 hour lunch break (08:00-16:00 OR 08:30-16:30 OR 09:00 – 17:30) – – Holiday Entitlement: 31 days (20days + 8 days Bank Holiday + 3…
  • Charterhouse Recruitment is committed to a policy of equal opportunities in relation to job applications.

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6 Best Practices for Drafting an Independent Contractor Agreement

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  • Odds are, if youre a woman, youve heard this oft-repeated aphorism about how to get ahead in the workplace.
  • Perhaps, as you started out your career, you even believed it.
  • Yet the rise of #MeToo movement this fall has made clear what women have long suspected (or, in many cases, known): workplace success is tied not only to what we do, but to who we are.
  • And, by extension, our career advancement is in large part determined by who we know.

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Case Study: Should an Algorithm Tell You Who to Promote?

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  • In this fictional case, a vice president of marketing and sales for the cleaning division of a global consumer products company is struggling to make a promotion decision.
  • After working with HR to narrow down the list of candidates, she had two finalists, both internal: Molly Ashworth, a brand manager on her team in the cleaning division, and Ed Yu, a rising star from BBIs beauty division.
  • Two years earlier, Molly had spearheaded a new subscription service for BBI cleaning products, which had, despite a slow start, shown strong growth in the past two quarters.
  • Setting Mollys interview up for the same day as Eds seemed like a great idea when shed suggested it to Christine and, given the noon time-slot, it had been only natural to meet at their usual lunch spot near the office.
  • The day after Annes farewell party, Aliyah met with Christine and Brad Bibson, a data scientist on the people analytics team.

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