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Vacancy: Workforce Development Officer

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  • Role:Workforce Development Officer – – Contract type:Fixed Term (July 2019) – – Hours per week: Full-Time – – Salary scale:28,000 per annum – – Base: Middlesex FA Offices with regular travel across the County – – Middlesex FA is excited to offer an exciting opportunity to join our team as…
  • The role will report directly into the Head of Participation and Development and will focus on the development and implementation of a plan for growth and quality delivery for workforce recruitment and deployment across Middlesex.
  • This fantastic new role offers the right candidate the opportunity to form part of a growing team ahead of the Association’s move to a new state-of-the-art facility in Northolt, Ealing.
  • The successful candidate will also have excellent communication and presentation skills, will be able to work well as part of a team or individually and will display skills such as problem solving, leadership and conflict management.
  • If you wish to apply, please ensure that your completed application form is submitted to Middlesex FA Chief Executive, Leigh O’Connor, by12.00pm Friday 16th March 2018in an envelope addressed for my personal attention and marked Private and Confidential or by email note that you will be informed byMonday 19thMarchif you…

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Charlton Athletic Community Trust | Job Opportunities

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  • The Duke of Edinburghs Award (DofE) is a UK charity that makes a difference to young peoples lives and prepares them for life and work.
  • Over 275,000 young people per year from every possible background take part in the DofE programme to broaden their horizons, develop their leadership skills, learn to work with others, volunteer in their local communities, increase their employability, and prove to themselves they can succeed at a serious challenge.
  • Charlton Athletic Community Trust is looking to recruit a DofE Youth Support Worker to work on this exciting programme to deliver sessions, a range of training and support participants to complete their award at bronze, silver and gold level.
  • Within CACT, the DofE programme has so far worked with 100s of young people successfully supporting them in working towards completing their award.
  • The project has continued to grow and reach out to young people through open access youth provision, with an increasing number of participants enrolling with us.

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Career Portal

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