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On Hiring – it’s recruiting brainfood for the week ahead – Issue #73

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  • Were talking global AI talent shortage, D&I interventions, blue collar LinkedIn by Facebook, something very cool on the blockchain and – this one is close to my heart – how to use a newsletter service for recruiting.
  • Special thanks this week goes to: – – Sam Smith, James Ellis, David Sankar, Andrea Kirby, David Green, Shawn Rogers, Oonagh Clarke, Steve Jacobs, Jamie Keenan, Dan Logan, Jamie Leonard, Adam Gretton and Daniel Myattfor your very public support of this newsletter.
  • Sam Smith, James Ellis, David Sankar, Andrea Kirby, David Green, Shawn Rogers, Oonagh Clarke, Steve Jacobs, Jamie Keenan, Dan Logan, Jamie Leonard, Adam Gretton and Daniel Myattfor your very public support of this newsletter.
  • EMPLOYER BRANDING – – Honesty Is The New Game Changer – – CULTURE Too much of recruiting is rhetoric says long time brainfooder Stevie Buckley , in another excellent post on how we can differentiate and still do good work.
  • COOL TOOL – – – – – – I have some travelling to do earlier in the week but back in London on Wednesday if the weather allows, so hit me up if you want talk recruiting or the future of the planet: email me on or twitter @HungLee…

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Calculating Your Recruiting Cost Made Easy

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  • However, avoiding this high recruiting cost driver is as easy (and difficult) as not making bad hires.
  • High turnover drives up your recruiting costs through the sheer volume of hires that it forces you to make.
  • The first metric is cost per-hire and, this data point is found by dividing total recruitment costs by the number of hires made over a period of time (quarterly, annual, etc.).
  • [Download the FREE Cost Per Hire Calculator Here] This metric, however, can be a little muddled when a company hires for both high and low salaried jobs.
  • Once you have this baseline data, you can attack some of the common recruiting cost inflators (extended vacancies, bad hires, high turnover) and watch as this metric starts to swing in your favor.

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We’re Recruiting: Volunteer Coordinator

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  • We are currently looking for Volunteer Coordinator who will be responsible for coordinating volunteers within the organisation.
  • This post is funded by the Victim Support Fund for 12 months.
  • The post holder will be requiredto work flexibly, including some work outside office hours, as events sometimes take place in the evenings and at weekends.
  • For more information about the post please contact Daniel Cheesman on 07976863555 or To apply please complete the application form and equalities monitoring form below and send your completed application Volunteer Coordinator.
  • *This role requires that the worker openly identifies as LGBTQ and we particularly welcome applicants who identify as trans or non-binary.

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5 Old-School Recruiting & Hiring Tactics That Need to Be Retired

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  • Companies are now fiercely competing with each other to attract talented candidates.
  • In this blog post, well explore five outdated tactics that should be retired in favor of more modern strategies: – – Every job searcher has come across a listing for a position they can do, only to see the companys careers page doesnt offer much of an idea of what…
  • But youll occasionally need to call an audible to secure a great candidate before another company snatches them up.
  • You can search your database for previous candidates who might be a good fit for new roles and find out if theyre still interested in joining your company.
  • The good news is recruiting and hiring software can drastically reduce the time it takes for your company to find the perfect candidate.

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NHS Jobs – Locum Consultant in Elderly Care

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  • There is an exciting opportunity to join the Lincoln Care of the Elderly Medicine Team.
  • The team of 4 consultants will manage in the region of 60 dedicated elderly care beds on the Lincoln County Hospital Site providing daily senior review of patients in conjunction with their team of medical staff.
  • This is a new post and the postholder will work closely with one of the existing elderly care consultants to support the Orthogeriatric service.
  • Lincoln is the county town of Lincolnshire, the hospital is a modern complex of 557 beds and is situated close to the city centre.
  • The post holders duties will be primarily at Lincoln County Hospital, Lincolnshire, but it is a condition of the appointment that the post holder will be willing to work in any of the Trusts locations or outreach district general hospital clinics – – If you are considering making the move…

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