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Perrett Laver: Assistant Director

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  • We award funding across academic disciplines, supporting talented individuals in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences to realise their personal vision in research and professional training.
  • We have a strong team-working ethos at the Trust and as such the role of Assistant Director is broad ranging and encompasses the following: organisation of procedures for processing grant applications to the Trust, representation of the Trust in meetings with partners and academic colleagues, and general leadership and representation…
  • You will have demonstrable experience of working at a senior level in a higher educational or research environment as well as a higher degree (doctorate or equivalent).
  • The Assistant Director will be committed to the Leverhulme Trusts mission, will have excellent interpersonal skills, and the proven ability to work flexibly and as part of a cohesive team-based organization.
  • The post will be based at the Leverhulme Trust Office in the City of London.

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I think Sparc should win Recruiting Startup of the Year @Hiring Success 18!

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  • Engage candidates with enhanced job descriptions that feature 20-second videos of the hiring manager.
  • Create a connection between candidates and your opportunities.

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  • Job search app – – – Download the CV-Library app for iPhone, iPad and Android to search jobs on the go.
  • Get the app

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LOOK: Philadelphia Company Resorts To Desperate Attempt To Recruit LeBron James To Join Sixers

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  • The LeBron James recruitment campaign has officially started in the City of Brotherly Love, as Power, aPhiladelphia-based company put up three billboards on a highway toward downtown Cleveland this morning, expressing their desire for The King.
  • The billboards start very subtle, highlighting James number in red with a crown, along with Ben Simmons on the opposite wing, Robert Covington and Dario Saric at the baseline, and All-Star big man Joel Embiid front-and-center in the paint.
  • Power is an interfaith organization committed to building communities of opportunity that work for all, and one that represents over 50 congregations throughout Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania, according to the companys website.
  • While these recruiting efforts are completely independent from the NBA, they send a very clear message that the city of Philadelphia is very keen on attracting the four-time MVP and three-time champion into their basketball team.
  • James has been strongly linked to the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason, though the latest string of trades the Cleveland Cavaliers front office pulled off prior to the trade deadline could have proved enough to entice the 15-year veteran to stick it out in Cleveland, dependent to the promise shown…

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The Next Big Thing in HR – A Post-Text World Dominated by Voice and Video

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  • The world of internet and mobile communications are now dominated by video, pictures, and information provided via an interactive voice.
  • While in direct contrast, asking your HR questions on your phone through a voice-activated chabot and gaining information through lively videos and podcasts can be much more engaging and effective.
  • Providing policy information Rather than having to read a complete policy document, in the post-text world managers and employees will ask questions about policies via their mobile phone, like you now do with Alexa or Siri.
  • With machine learning applications, its now possible to instantly offer language options or translations in HR videos, digital assistants, and podcasts.
  • Coaching Rather than relying exclusively on humans, digital assistants can provide relevant direction and coaching advice to employees and managers using the spoken word or vines and longer videos.

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