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What it Means to be a Recruiting Superstar by Nature

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  • As recruiters, we know recruiting is competitive, and sourcing millennials can be tough, so there are a few traits recruiters must embody to attract the right candidates: – – If you cannot put yourself in both your hiring managers and candidates shoes, you will lose at recruiting.
  • While it can be easy for agency recruiters and third party recruiters to get caught up in a big payday, or a corporate recruiter to want to simply get someone into the role, thats not a great way to approach a new requirement.
  • Its so easy, in fact, that 92 percent of recruiters already use social media as part of their recruiting process.
  • Know the skill set, know the candidate: Most great recruiters live by this credo.
  • Social Hire – the Social Media Agency for recruiters and small businesses.

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The 6 Best and Worst Cities for Small-Business Hiring

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  • ZipRecruiter defined small businesses as those with 20 or fewer employees, and large ones as those with 500 or more.
  • It’s possible that job seekers who prefer small businesses overlarge businesses or vice versa are reacting to regional pay disparities in one direction or the other.
  • With that stipulation, small businesses have their biggest hiring advantage in these six cities: – – Wichita (63 percent advantage) Pueblo, Colorado (34 percent advantage) Santa Fe, New Mexico (31 percent advantage) Midland, Texas (30 percent advantage) Dallas (21 percent advantage) El Paso (20 percent advantage) – And these six…
  • The study notes that while America’s three biggest metros are among the worst for small businesses, there is no general correlation between the size of a city and its advantage or disadvantage for small businesses.
  • It’s because people in these cities like to work at small businesses.

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The One Thing That Will Definitely Disqualify You In A Job Interview

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  • The No. 1 mistake a candidate might make is to disparage his or her prior employereither the company itself or people who worked there, says Laura Handrick, who works as FitSmallBusinesss HR analyst.
  • Employers want team players, not people who carry negative baggage.
  • If a candidate is overly negative about a current or past employer, it plants seeds of doubt in a hiring managers mind, he explains.
  • Trashing a previous employer is something recruiters and hiring managers hate so much that they may ask leading questions in order to see if youre willing to bad-mouth a boss.
  • In an interview, I can identify a bad team player right away by asking questions that lead the candidate to talk about his previous team experiences, says Dave Lopes, director of recruiting for Badger Maps.

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