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U.S. adds 313,000 jobs in February, but wage growth moderates

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  • WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) – The U.S. created 313,000 new jobs in February, the biggest gain since mid-2016 and a reflection of the strongest labor market in two decades.
  • Economists polled by MarketWatch had predicted a 222,000 increase in nonfarm jobs.
  • The 12-month increase in worker pay slipped to 2.6% from 2.8%, however.
  • The increase in jobs in December was revised up to 175,000 from 160,000.
  • Read the full story: U.S. adds 313,000 jobs in February in biggest gain in a year and a half

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Urgent Requirement for Peoplesoft Admin Banglore – Broker Ads

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  • Skills: PeopleSoft Admin – – – – Mode of Hire: Contract to Hire – – – – Experience: 4- 10 yrs – – – – Job Location : Chennai – – – – Note:Only immediate joiners / 7-10 Days / not working candidates are preferred.
  • If Interested please share your updated resume with below details: – – – – Full Name: – – Skill: – – Total Experience: – – Relevant Experience: – – Contact number / Alternate contact number : – – DOB: – – CTC P/M: – – Expected CTC P/M: – -…

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Improving the Candidate Experience | 5 Tips for Recruiters

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  • Getting the candidate experience right can mean the difference between hiring the perfect person for a job and settling for second best.
  • With that in mind, here are five ways recruiters can positively impact the candidate experience.
  • If youre trying to convince a candidate to move across the country so you can fill an overdue open request, make sure this person is really comfortable with the change.
  • Even if you or your client dont move forward with a candidate, thank the person for taking the time to engage in the process.
  • It may be all in a days work for the recruiter, but its a major life change for the candidate.

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