Security Monitor at GEO Reentry Services in Philadelphia, PA

GEO Reentry Services

Philadelphia, PA
October 21, 2020
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Security Monitor





Bonus (if applicable):

Equal Opportunity Employer.


This position maintains continuous state of alertness and awareness to control and secure the facility and residents. Operates within legal constraints and contract agency stipulations.

This is a full time position with benefits.

We work 12 hour shifts, overtime may be requested as per facility needs. Your schedule may vary.

Primary Duties and


  • Ensures that the equipment necessary for each watch is operational including radios, flashlights, and keys prior to relieving the watch. Prepares shift documentation including shift reports, work orders, security reports, and unusual incidents that are legible, concise and that meet facility s standards and contracting agency
  • Receives necessary information from previous shift personnel pertaining to events that transpired during the shift such as resident medical problems, disciplinary problems, or new arrivals and any special instructions. Relieves the watch and informs necessary personnel that the watch has been relieved. Makes entries into the security log showing the time the watch was relieved noting name and
  • Conducts radio checks documenting results in the security log. Conducts facility counts at the prescribed times and ensures the logbooks in the buildings are accurate as to
  • Frequently patrols building to observe and listen to individual residents and groups of residents and monitors the state of the building. Examples of activities include smelling for marijuana, listening to conversations, or ensuring doors and windows are properly
  • Ensures that the building picture board has a picture of all residents assigned to the building and that the picture is in the proper bed
  • Organizes and supervises resident work details to assist in maintaining facility cleanliness to ensure that facility meets facility s and contracting agency
  • Performs activities on both a scheduled and random basis including urinalysis testing, pat downs, shakedowns, counts, or breath tests, to maintain control and security of the residents and
  • Documents disciplinary action for rule violations according to procedure to comply with contracting agency requirements and log
  • Conducts scheduled and impromptu cleanliness checks of the facility and resident s personal belonging to maintain it in an orderly and clean fashion to meet health and environmental requirements. This includes all rooms within the facility and residents personal
  • Welcomes visitors and verifies their identity while maintaining professionalism and courtesy at all
  • Communicates with residents and staff in a professional manner to affirm and enhance self- esteem, dignity, and to maintain positive resident and staff
  • Participates in staff meetings by sharing observations and recommendations regarding the facility, residents and staff relations to identify and resolve problems and function as a unified
  • Maintains confidentiality obtained through job duties regarding employees, vendors, residents, or outside agencies so that sensitive information is only given on a "need to know" basis.
  • Complies with company policies and work rules as described in the company Employee Handbook, the Statement of Work, and the Facility Policies and Procedures
  • Adheres to attendance policies and is available to work any shifts or work overtime to ensure adequate coverage of the program and to ensure the safety and security of the
  • Complies with facility safety rules and takes appropriate corrective action to ensure work is performed in a safe manner and without injury to self or
  • Communicates effectively with all levels of staff in a manner that promotes a team spirit and a sense of
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Job Requirements



  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • One (1) year general work experience. Experience in a related field is
  • Sufficient organizational skills to keep the workflow on-going in an orderly
  • Ability to express thoughts logically, in both written and verbal form using correct
  • Demonstrated flexibility in order to perform a wide range of
  • Ability to interact effectively with others and learn supervisory techniques. .
  • Ability to maintain positive relation with staff and
  • Ability to motivate and create an atmosphere of enthusiasm toward work
  • Ability to express thoughts logically, in both written and verbal form using correct
  • Ability to demonstrate flexibility in order to perform a wide range of duties
  • Ability to work with computers and the applicable software typically used by the facility.
Apply You will be redirected to GEO Reentry Services's preferred application process.
Job Expires: November 20, 2020

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