Assistant Produce Manager at Redner's Warehouse Markets in Elkton, Maryland

Redner's Warehouse Markets

๐Ÿ“Œ Elkton, Maryland
๐Ÿ•‘ January 15, 2021
๐Ÿท๏ธ Full Time
๐Ÿท๏ธ Administration
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Assistant Produce Manager

Assist in directing and managing all functions and activities of the Produce Department to achieve sales and profit goals.


1) Along with the Produce Manager, work out localized merchandising plan for the department.

2) Follow approved Produce Department Plans for effective space management based on movement, consumer demand and profitability.

3) Assist in the ordering of merchandise and controlling of inventory to minimize out-of-stocks and overstocks and to maximize sales.

4) Follow approved procedures for receiving product, price marking and restocking cases to ensure quality protection, accuracy and product rotation.

5) Control department expenses.

6) Take action to control shrinkage and pilferage losses.

7) Assist with the training and supervision of other produce department personnel.

8) Follow planned program for cleaning and preventative maintenance on cases, back room coolers, and refrigeration equipment.

9) Establish culture and a favorable department image with customers through a clean, attractive and friendly atmosphere.

10) Follow all company policies and procedures.

11) Maintain and submit required records and reports.

12) Observe local conditions and competitive activity relating to the produce department and keep others informed.

13) Maintain good communications in the store, the produce department and throughout the organization.

14) Ensure compliance to company's Sanitation, Safety and Security Program.

15) Ensure compliance to local, state and government weights and measures laws, and health department regulations.

16) Greet all customers and be observant.

17) Monitor products for quality, count and freshness.

18) Assist with floral department.

19) Follow a weekly schedule based on projected sales volume and workload.

20) Maintain a neat personal appearance according to the company's dress code policy.

21) Assist salad bar department.

22) Promote all programs to insure a safe and accident-free environment.


1) Conduct competitive price checks.


1) High school education a minimum requirement.

2) Ability to read and write to properly tag merchandise, order and maintain inventory and to insure proper rotation of product.

3) Above average analytical skills necessary to study and interpret various reports to keep the department profitable.

4) Should have at least two years experience as a produce clerk.

5) Must have excellent oral and written communications kills for dealing with customers, employees and vendors.

6) Must have dexterity in hands to enable trimming and packaging of produce.

7) Ability to unload, transport, and place merchandise in their specific areas.

8) Must be able to lift up to fifty (50 pounds up to fifty percent (50%) of the time.

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Job Expires: February 14, 2021

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