Internet of Things News Wednesday, May 9 Big data, Information base data, Neural  network models & more…

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The tourist demand analyzed as never before with the Big Data

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  • The companies have changed some habits in the gestation of their projects, thanks to the technology that was studied in years, now it is monitored in real time thanks to new tools of big data.
  • Today thanks to Big Data you can improve existing products and services or generate new ones, detecting new needs and thereby providing the traveler with a more intelligent and personalized experience.
  • Knowing the customer better brings with him two clear benefits: a product or service more adapted to him and a more satisfied customer, and this has much to do with predictive analytics, which through the use of advanced statistical models add to our information base data which we did not…
  • The Big Data analysis can help you make your business more efficient and less costly by making more informed and data-driven decisions.
  • In the tourism business, the marketing department is one of the great beneficiaries of the data analysis since it allows them to keep track of the marketing actions and maintain or modify them depending on the results obtained.

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Data-Efficient Machine Learning – insideBIGDATA

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  • From Quadrant (a D-Wave business), this whitepaper Data-Efficient Machine Learning describes a practical impediment to the application of deep neural network models when large training data sets are unavailable.
  • Encouragingly however, it is shown that recent machine learning advances make it possible to obtain the benefits of deep neural networks by making more efficient use of training data that most practitioners do have.
  • Quadrant leverages generative machine learning, which requires much less labeled data than common discriminative models.
  • This is incredibly useful in countless applications, including medical imaging which is often limited to relatively small data sets (i.e. 50 videos of cataract surgery or a discrete set of brain scans from deceased patients).
  • For a first case study, Siemens Healthineers partnered with Quadrant to identify surgical tools used in cataract surgery with 99.71% accuracy.

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The 10 Step Guide to Mastering Machine Learning

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  • Businesses that fail to take advantage of predictive analytics, or dont have the time or resources like highly-trained (and expensive) data scientists will fall behind organizations that embrace AI and machine learning to extract business value from their data.
  • Feature engineering is the process of altering the data to help machine learning algorithms work better, which is often time-consuming and can be expensive.
  • An automated machine learning platform should know which algorithms are right for a business data and test the data on only the appropriate algorithms to achieve results faster.
  • Its difficult to know ahead of time which algorithm will perform best in a particular modeling challenge, so its necessary to compare the accuracy and speed of different algorithms on the data, regardless of the programming language or machine learning library the algorithms come from.
  • A true automated machine learning platform must build and train dozens of algorithms, comparing the accuracy, speed, and individual predictions of each algorithm and then ranking the algorithms based on the needs of the business.

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Using machine learning to see inside live human cells

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  • Meet the Allen Integrated Cell, a new way to see inside living human cells, as Rick Horwitz, Ph.D., executive director of the Allen Institute for Cell Science, put it.
  • Funded by Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Paul Allen, the Allen Institute previously created a large collection of human-induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs), gene-edited with fluorescent tags that illuminate major structures.
  • With only a fluorescent image of cell membrane and nucleus, it can accurately predict the most probable shape and location of other structures within single cells.
  • It only needs relatively easy-to-collect brightfield microscope images to predict, in real time, where fluorescent labels are, Molly Maleckar, Ph.D., director of modeling at the Allen Institute for Cell Science, told FierceBiotechResearch.
  • For another, researchers could only see limited numbers of cell structures simultaneouslyand over a relatively short period of time, because the cells die as they’re blasted with lasers, an integral part of the fluorescence microscope,explained Maleckar.

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Learn Big Data Skills To Make Smarter Business Decisions

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  • From effective ad targeting to harnessing the influence of social media, anyone who can unlock the power of big data has a massive leg up in the current workforceespecially if youre looking for a role as a data analyst.
  • The critical tools most data analysts use include Hive, Spark, Scala, Hadoop, Flume, Sqoop, MapReduce, Cassandra, and Oozie.
  • That’s why we’ve bundled together all the relevant courses you’d need to learn data analysis into one huge Big Data Bundle, on sale now in The Daily Beast Shop.
  • Included in the bundle are courses on all of the above tools, which feature over 60 hours of content that you can learn at your own pace.
  • But when you enroll today in The Daily Beast Shop, you can get the whole bundle for just $45 a 94% savings.

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