Internet of Things News Tuesday, May 8 Entire design proposals, Ai systems, Quadrant & more…

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What’s new?

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A 5-Part Video Series on “The Architecture of Artificial Intelligence”

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  • Part 1 explores how AI is helping architects during what is often the first stage of a design process – collecting site information.
  • Part 2 explores how AI is helping architects and designers make decisions and even generate entire design proposals.
  • Part 3 explores how AI combined with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is being used to change how architect, client and users can engage with a design.
  • Part 4 explores how AI is helping develop a new breed to builders, the robot craftsmen.
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D-Wave Launches Quadrant Business Unit for Machine Learning – insideHPC

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  • Today D-Wave Systems launch its new Quadrant business unit, formed to provide machine learning services that make state-of-the-art deep learning accessible to companies across a wide range of industries and application areas.
  • Quadrants algorithms enable accurate discriminative learning (predicting outputs from inputs) using less data by constructing generative models which jointly model both inputs and outputs.
  • Arising from research into the application of quantum computing to machine learning, Quadrant solutions provide world-leading performance across a number of generative and discriminative benchmark problems.
  • Siemens Healthineers and D-Wave took first place in the CATARACTS medical imaging grand challenge, using Quadrants generative machine learning algorithms to identify surgical instruments in videos with high accuracy.
  • Designed to be used with D-Waves quantum technology, Quadrant solutions run today on standard GPU-based systems, allowing businesses to leverage generative machine learning immediately.

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Big Data in a Little Package

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  • Temperature loggers can help us build more energy-efficient homes.
  • The LogTags worked flawlessly, generating rich high-frequency data about thermal comfort and facilitating statistical tests comparing homes with different features.
  • We provided 230 new homes with free wall and roof insulation and other energy efficiency upgrades, and we compare them to another 230 homes without upgrades.
  • For both the upgraded and non-upgraded homes, we installed temperature loggers in the homes living rooms, and collected data over 16 months.
  • An open window provides air flow on hot and humid days, but it also largely nullifies the thermal benefits of building insulation and the other energy-efficiency upgrades.

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Forbes Welcome

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  • This past week, Gartner shook the technology space by claiming that only 1% of CIOs indicated any kind of blockchain adoption within their organizations.
  • The insight is derived from Gartners 2018 CIO Survey, an exercise that gathers data from over 3,000 CIO respondents in 98 countries and all major industries.
  • Speaking of hype, most of the reviews of Gartners CIO Survey have focused on the blockchain truth bomb.
  • Data, Data, Everywhere…nor any insight to share… – – Take the reports highlights of CIOs top differentiating technologies (i.e.the technologies that CIOs dedicate most of their attention to and possibly their budget too).
  • According to the most recent edition of the Big Data Maturity survey, 59% of respondents have already deployed Big Data in the cloud (up from 53% last year), while 77% are projecting they would do so soon.

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Forbes Welcome

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  • IBM – today made a major announcement about new products and services aimed at helping alleviate the roadblocks to AI (artificial intelligence) adoption in the enterprise.
  • There are three key areas of concern that IBM addressed: – – – Infrastructure with limited I/O – Data bottlenecks – AI is not enterprise ready – – On the infrastructure front, they announced enhancements to the AC922 Server, primarily be improved integration of – – NVIDIA – V100 GPUs…
  • While many companies have talked about the importance of information sources for AI, this is a clear message that IBM understands it needs to support efficient access to data stores in order to support responsive AI inference.
  • The organizational infrastructure of IBM and Red Hat will combine to provide enterprise IT organizations the confidence to move forward in deep learning (DL) model development and deployment.
  • IBMs integration of AI into a business application shows it is ahead of the curve in the deep learning space, and that lends credence to their claim to focus on enterprise.

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