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The Artificial Intelligence Assistant That Wants to Help You Shop for Mom

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  • The Artificial Intelligence Assistant That Wants to Help You Shop for Mom – – – May 7, 2018 – – – Fin is an on-demand, artificial intelligence service that uses human and computer intelligence to be a smart assistant.
  • Sam Lessin is the co-founder and co-CEO or Fin, and he joins Cheddar to detail the special Mother’s Day offering.
  • Fin wants to help you shop for mom so you don’t physically have to.

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Nokia acquires SpaceTime Insight, adding AI to its Internet of Things business

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  • IoT today is a fairly small part of Nokias business: the company reported over 23 billion in annual revenues last year.
  • In that context, Gorti said that Nokia is keen to seize the moment and invest in growing its own IoT business.
  • SpaceTime is an interesting acquisition not only because will help Nokia tap into utilising more artificial intelligence which by many accounts has become and will be the essential cornerstone of how IT services operate but because its also bringing something else to the business: customers.
  • SpaceTime is coming to Nokia with an established set of customers, including Entergy, FedEx, NextEra Energy and Singapore Power, and Gorti said that these will continue to be customers and become an opportunity for further business.
  • I am excited for this incredible opportunity to help accelerate and scale Nokias IoT business and provide a new class of next-generation IoT solutions customers cannot find anywhere else.

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Artificial Intelligence driving future of car industry – Times of India

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  • One of the largest employers in Indias organised sector, the auto industry offers good opportunity for mechanical engineering graduates to take up critical jobs in the assembly line and dealership service centres.With more and more telematics and electronics employed in automotive products, the next-gen focus in this sector is shifting…
  • As a result, AI and big data are being touted as Motowns holy grail in the next four to seven years.Rajeev Dubey, group president, HR and corporate services, Mahindra & Mahindra, says: AI and data analytics are the new factors of production which will help auto companies to understand and…
  • Companies like M&M, Toyota Kirloskar Motor and others routinely work with a select group of colleges to upskill their engineering graduates.
  • Others like Hyundai Motor India have a shortlist of colleges from across India from where they hire, including Madras Institute of Technology, Chromepet campus, Vellore Institute of Technology, SASTRA of Thanjavur, SRM and PSG College of Technology,Coimbatore.Stephen Sudhakar, senior VP, HR and GS, Hyundai Motor India, says: Indians are good…
  • But its most interesting partnership is with select engineering colleges where Toyota will set up centre of excellence to demonstrate future technology and collaborate with the academic council to add Toyotas unique traits in the curriculum.

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Where is Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology Headed?

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  • In Jabil’s recent Augmented and Virtual Reality Trends Survey, technology and business stakeholders indicated that consumer use of AR/VR will see adoption first.
  • Augmented reality experiences are typically delivered through headsets, such as Meta, ODG, Vuzix and HoloLens, and are showing early signs that the technology is set to transform commercial and industrial markets.
  • I think augmented and virtual reality technologies will consolidate and come in two forms in the future: tethered systems and standalone units.
  • Although we have an idea of where the augmented and virtual reality market is headed, product companies generally seem sheepish in developing their plans.
  • To successfully conquer the challenges involved with building out augmented and virtual reality technologies while keeping up with market expectations and time-to-market, companies may want to consider partnering with experienced vendors who can provide end-to-end product development with comprehensive engineering capabilities.

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Using Big Data Analytics To Improve Production

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  • With Big Data analytics, manufacturers can discover new information and identify patterns that enable them to improve processes, increase supply chain efficiency and identify variables that affect production.
  • Big Data analytics also reveal dependencies, enabling manufacturers to enhance production processes and create alternative plans to address potential pitfalls.
  • By giving manufacturers the tools they need to do a deep dive on processes, Big Data analytics allows them to identify points within the production process where they can profitably insert custom processes using in-house capabilities or postpone production to enable a partner to execute customization prior to completion of…
  • Manufacturers use data storage tools to maintain vital information on equipment, production processes and supply chain operations data they can analyze to drive improvements.
  • Data monitoring Data quality is of paramount importance, so manufacturers need a way to ensure compliance with data quality standards, oversee equipment performance and review production process efficiency.

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