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Karl Smith Experience Consultant, Usability, Scotland | #Paradigm #Interactions #Venture #Capital Buyout Declined

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  • The company that I am a CEO of in the United States of America, Paradigm Interactions Inc. has just issued the following press release; – – To confirm Paradigm Interactions Inc.has been contacted by aNew York City, Venture Capital company regarding investment, a defacto buyout.
  • Paradigm Interactions Inc. is involved the next generation post smart device internet as part of its project Charlemagne and based upon our Open Networking Ecosystem Protocol Patent until this project is completed in 2017 we are not considering any offers.
  • We said no, because it was a significantly under valued offer, given the IoT and Blockchain US Patents we are working on, still I was not aware we were even on anyones list yet.
  • The yearly value of the market represented by our Open Networking Ecosystem Protocol (ONEP) patent in just the USA is estimated to be worth $100,000,000,000.

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Where are all the Virtual Reality investors? – Boost VC –

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  • When I look at the rapidly developing VR market, I see similar trends of key hardware being refined and meaningful applications being built with the key factor being internet connectivity.
  • Some leading indicators:In the past 6 months our Boost VC portfolio VR companies have on average tripled their user base.All of my friends have now tried VR, and not because I pushed it on them: Some of my non-tech friends even have headsets.The price of the headsets have dropped from…
  • We have VR startups whose clients consist of some of the largest consulting companies in the world are paying thousands of dollars a month to use VR software.
  • B2B VR is taking off.We are already seeing some promising stats for collaborative Enterprise products like Arthur Digital, Dimension 10, 3Data and Primitive.Boost VC has invested in three startups who I met and had pitch me in VR (I have also signed a funding deal with a startup in VR,…
  • RIGHT NOW, people are building the Google and Uber of the VR world!

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On virtual reality taking the first steps in the gaming industry

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  • On virtual reality taking the first steps in the gamingindustry1980s: SegaScope 3-D Glasses and VPL projects – The Granddad of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR is a project, jokingly baptized Sword of Damocles.
  • 1993 year: Sega VR, Jaguar VR and StuntMaster – At the CES 1993 exhibition, Sega showed the Sega VR helmet.
  • Sega VR was supposed to cost $ 200 and work in tandem with the Genesis console, several games were being prepared for it, but Sega eventually folded the project due to the financial difficulties associated with supporting the multitude of consoles they filled the market up with.
  • Shortly before the release of Jaguar VR to the market, Atari terminated the contract with Virtuality Group, and as a result, the headset never found itself on the store shelves.
  • i-Glasses were considered a good VR product for their time in terms of design / price ratio, they were able to track head turns, but they could not boast of mobilitythe user literally got tangled in the wires (cable from VGA-box to computer, cable to glasses and power cable).

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