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Karl Smith Experience Consultant, AI, London | Core character traits of a True Leader

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  • A true leader trusts the knowledge of the people they have around them or they would not be allowed to be close.
  • A leader goes in front of their troops not only in front but way forward, most people have to run to catch up with a true leader, because they are focused on completing this challenge in order to move on to the next one.
  • A leader protects their troops even at the cost of their own desires its very easy as a person in a leadership activity to lose perspective and start believing people who like to have a boss (for various personal agenda reasons).
  • A leader stays the course regardless of hardship leadership is really hard work with loads of complex activities that need to be prioritised, people that need to be supported and KPIs that haunt your days.
  • A leader stands firm with their troops and trusts them to do their job there are many opportunities in a professional career to throw other people under a bus, but true leaders dont.

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CryptoEvent in Moscow – IZX Project –

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  • CryptoEvent inMoscowOn March 27, 2018 co-founder and president of IZX Alexey Zagainov took part in the CryptoEvent in Moscow, which was held at the Expocentre.
  • 1112 May 2018 CryptoEvent will host a large-scale Asian event CryptoEvent Indo in Jakarta, which will bring together about 2000 participants in the Kempinski Grand Ballroom and on the same dates the main round of the IZX CrowdSale will start at the conference with the support of our partners US…
  • In addition to productive networking and acquaintance with Russian investors, it was also pleasant to be recognized by our fans and users of the IZX application.
  • This is the last conference in Russia before the continuation of our Asian roadshow.
  • Already on April 34, IZX with the support of our Asian advisor Abas Jalil will attend the Deconomy conference in Seoul, where a number of private meetings with interested investors are already planned.

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IoT Chain Interview with Altcoin Investing Group – IoT Chain –

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  • While developing an earlier IoT operating system, we found that adding additional devices to the network caused more and more problems including security vulnerabilities, issues with user data, and high centralized infrastructure costs.
  • Interviewer: IoT Chain is planning a solution for decentralized data storage with reduced costs.
  • IoT Chain has the ability to split and abstract user and personal data.
  • Interviewer: Part of IoT Chains business solution is separating personal data from user data and allowing users to monetize it.
  • As such, data generated on the ITC network belongs to the IoT device user and if corporations wish to access this data, they need to acquire permission and reward the user accordingly.

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