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Smart cities will be built on data – DataBrokerDAO –

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  • Smart cities will be built ondataSmartphones, wearables, cameras, smart energy meters, sensors,… they all generate a continuous stream of data.
  • In a smart city, data is integrated across the policy domains and is seen as an essential part of proactive decision-making, a holistic vision and an organizational advantage.
  • But the whitepaper also points out that, in order to evolve to a smart city, not only data is required, but a solid data architecture as well.
  • This data architecture must meet a number of requirements so that it can be used in a smart city context.
  • And these are the same criteria that apply to DataBroker DAO, the first marketplace for selling buying sensor data.

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Two key capabilities in the advancement of IoT network security and cyber defense

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  • BlackRidge Technology has two key capabilities in the advancement of network security and cyber defense.
  • BlackRidge TAC (Transport Access Control) authenticates a network packet at session establishment and therefore only allows legitimate connections to a protected resource such as a server, datacenter, a resource connected to a virtual machine or cloud services.
  • BlackRidge accomplishes this by inserting a cryptographic generated token in the session and the gateway or virtual gateway at the server or service checks for authentication.
  • A BlackRidge adaptive trust platform can be easily connected to additional components to provide a dynamic cyber security solution that easily scales.
  • By adding these other components to the BlackRidge platform, a fully automated cyber security architecture can be achieved with near real-time response.

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7 Artificial Intelligence Trends that will Rule 2018

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  • AI Integration with Web and Mobile Apps – Over the next few years every app, application and service will incorporate AI at some level.Gartner (Click to Tweet) – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is anticipated to be on the quiet in most of the web and mobile applications.
  • AI will back Medical of the various industries that are disrupted by Artificial Intelligence is Healthcare.
  • Making the most of AI applications like cognitive learning, big data management, deep learning, healthcare industry is pulling off a number of diagnosis, treatment, and research processes.
  • Big brands like IBM (Watson, Medical Seive), Google (Deepmind Health), Atomwise (Drug discovery with AI) are heavily investing in Artificial Intelligence to put forth the finest healthcare solutions.
  • AI has caused disruption in almost every industry and with this massive technology growing steadily, the following year could see some better use cases and innovations.

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