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Karl Smith Experience Consultant, IoT3, CTO | #Open #IoT with #Blockchain #AI and #BigData

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  • It would be better for businesses to sort out critical unique identification issues around their products and services to stage their data ready for conversion into IoT Products and IoT Services before playing at the bleeding edge of technology.
  • The ownership of devices ceases to be important if you can own your IoT identity, can verify it and establish your own ecosystem of assets in Blockchain.
  • The article above was developed based upon the work of The Ubiquity Open Standard Project – – It is imperative that Humanity does not leave the structure of Ubiquity (IoT) to businesses focused on a supremacy attitude to other Businesses (and their ecosystem products and services).
  • Many of the Human interactions with Ubiquity will depend upon Situated Awareness and as such how human mind interpret and understand the complex information they are absorbing is critical to safe interaction and appropriation.
  • For example Guided Interaction, existing websites offer guided interaction simplified cognitive pattern encapsulating a plethora of interacting technology and data systems: Shopping Basket This representation allows for distributed cognition > appropriation > cognitive pattern forming understand once a user has used a shopping basket they will understand how to use…

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Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing With Artificial Intelligence | Multilingual Search Engine Optimization

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  • Companies address numerous stakeholders through the use of social media marketing including existing and prospective customers, existing and prospective workers, journalists, bloggers and the general public.
  • On a strategic level, social media marketing involves the management of the execution of a marketing campaign, governance, setting the scope (e.g., more active or passive use) and the establishment of a firms preferred social media culture and tone.
  • Both artificial intelligence and social media marketing are receiving lots of attention these days due to their substantial benefits and growth potency.
  • The artificial intelligence is beginning to change the entire image of social media marketing and paid social media advertising.
  • If you dont include the correct algorithm in your social media marketing tool which is designed with artificial intelligence, then you will fail gettingany return from your marketing campaigns.

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Smart IoT in Transit Service: the Gateway to Improve Public Transportation

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  • Smart IoT enables transit authorities to support real-time route, schedule management and service information on vehicles and in bus depots, to provide passengers the option to pay fares with credit cards and to validate bus passes, and even to develop contingency plans or make alternative rides for the area with…
  • Moreover, the traffic and transit data analytics from smart connected public transportation systems can deliver warning and notifications of an unexpected event, real-time vehicle tracking, and even personalized travel information help to passengers.
  • The smart IoT driven improvement in public transportation system will encourage more people to commute with public transit and to drive cars less time and less often, leading to not only the less congested cities to us, but also a great reduction in harmful carbon dioxide gas emissions that damage…
  • Advocate of Smart IoT in transit service will continue to improve public transportation in reliability, safety and sustainability.
  • More transit authorities utilize smart IoT, the better the public transportation is, therefore more people will choose to travel with public transportation, and more sustainable cities we will have.

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