IOT News Thursday, March 15 Wearable devices, Team pursuit, Affiliate marketing & more…


IOT News TLDR / Table of Contents

  • Innovation at the intersection of fitness apps and wearables
    • How can wearables can increase performance and how smart fabrics could be the next point of integration for athletes and healthcare providers.
    • wearable devices, team pursuit, muscle oxygen, USA Cycling, real-time muscle oxygen
  • 6 Quick Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing
    • Are you looking for make money online through affiliate marketing, but don’t what are the Quick Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing? Where to Start Affiliate
    • affiliate marketing, start affiliate marketing, , ,
  • Big Data and AI are poised to transform Canada’s natural-resources sector
    • From agriculture to mining, machine learning and other ‘flavours’ of artificial intelligence are starting to drive efficiencies and reduce environmental impacts
    • Farmers Edge, company Farmers Edge, satellite imagery data, non-profit MaRS Discovery, prairie cash crop

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Innovation at the intersection of fitness apps and wearables

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  • Now BSX Athletics offers a wearable device a calf sleeve that looks inside your muscles using special LED lights to read, report, and record real-time muscle oxygen levels and data.
  • Recently, USA Cyclings Womens Team Pursuit began using BSXinsight to collect data to feed into their real-time dashboard to improve the teams individual and collective cycling efforts.
  • At IBM, were excited to be able to bring together not only tools to connect the wearable devices through our Internet of Things Platform, but also the data and analytics services like IBM Analytics for Apache Spark, Cloudant (a NoSQL Database as a Service), and Graph to enable developers and…
  • USA Cycling has joined forceswith Watson IoT, IBM MobileFirst, IBM Analytics and IBM jStart to incorporate real-time data analytics from the internet of things (IoT) into their training.
  • The culminationof the passion, skill and conditioning of the cyclists and coaches,coupled with the most advanced technologies including wearables, give this team the competitive edge they need as they go for gold.

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6 Quick Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing

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  • Affiliate Marketing involves selling other peoples products or services on your website, social media page, YouTube account, and other Internet-based pages, thereby earning a commission on each sale.
  • Even you can make money while you are as sleep, by promoting your desired affiliate products on your blog, in the form of videos, social media or whatever medium is right for you.
  • There are two ways you can choose your affiliate products: – – If you get master skills for copy-writing and selling, (or you can outsource copywriters) and at the same time you have enough amounts of visitors on your business site, then affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable…
  • For instance, if you currently own and operate a website that is somehow related to money or financial issues, you could increase your income base as an affiliate marketer (in which you would be called the publisher) by promoting and selling products and programs related to your topic.
  • Now that your site is set up and ready to earn you some money, you must sell your affiliate products as if they were your very own.

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Big Data and AI are poised to transform Canada’s natural-resources sector

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  • Story continues below advertisement – – – – – – We’re ingesting hundreds of terabytes of satellite imagery data, and we’ve got thousands of sensors in fields, all providing us information on a per-second, per-minute or daily basis, says Kevin Grant, the company’s chief technology officer.
  • As the amount of data piles up, however, companies such as Farmers Edge are increasingly turning to machine-learning technology and other flavours of artificial intelligence (AI) to help spot patterns or trends that might otherwise go unnoticed using conventional agronomics and human labour.
  • Another company, Deveron UAS of Toronto, uses sensor-equipped drones and machine learning technology to count and analyze the size distribution of pumpkins, allowing farmers to accurately estimate yield per acre before negotiating sales agreements with retailers.
  • In Vancouver, a company called MineSense is already using machine learning to analyze data collected from sensors installed on shovels, buckets and conveyor systems that move ore in this case, copper, nickel, zinc or iron.
  • The system uses machine learning to look for patterns in the data we collect and gets smarter as it predicts the grade and condition of ore, CEO Jeff More says, adding that the technology allows his customers currently large copper mines in British Columbia and Chile to find pockets of…

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