IOT News Wednesday, March 14 Projects, Success rate, Sensor data & more…


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IoT projects analysis on Kickstarter Crowd Funding Platform

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  • Given all the buzz happening in the market around IoT, We looked at related projects in the crowd funding website to see how are IoT projects doing with respect to all the other ones.
  • The success rate of projects at Kickstarter is around 37.5%, for Technology projects it is 21% which is a lot less than the average success rate of projects.
  • In Spite of this our analysis shows that the success rate of IoT projects is 44%, which is pretty good news.
  • People are realizing the importance of IoT and are willing to fund the related projects.
  • The total sought out money for all the IoT related projects ( ongoing, successful and failed ) in Kickstarter is around $4.7 million and the actual pledged amount for the projects is around $1.5 million.

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The mechanics behind the DTX price – DataBrokerDAO –

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  • The initial price of DTX – To determine the market potential of DataBroker DAO,we researched the potential market for reselling Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data.
  • With a clear understanding of the current and expected size of the primary market for IoT sensors for the years to come, we applied some practical business assumptions to arrive at the expected value of the data generated by these sensors for these primary market participants.
  • On this basis, we estimate that the potential value of the secondary market for sensor data to secondary market participants reached between 45 and 135 billion USD per year globally in 2017.
  • With the same set of assumptions about the value of sensor data to secondary market participants and the anticipated acceleration of sensor proliferation globally, we estimate that the secondary market for sensor data will grow to between 80 and 240 billion USD per year globally by 2024.
  • With the top down calculations of the size of the primary and secondary markets for IoT sensor data in hand, we spent a great deal of time throughout 2017 discussing with marketplace stakeholders about the willingness of sensor owners to sell access to their streaming data to determine bottom up…

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Team USA Cycling uses mobile technologies for a competitive edge

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  • Working with IBM on Project 2016, Team Pursuit coaches and riders are realizing the benefits of precise and real time measurement from the internet of things, analytics and mobile communication to impact team performance.
  • Andy Sparks, Director of Track Programs, USA Cycling – – IBM MobileFirst solutions on the cloud remove the complexity of developing and managing mobile apps and allow teams to focus on the needs and demands of the dynamic mobile user.
  • As this new training solution is mobile and cloud based and on the Watson IoT Platform, the team can practice anywhere and still benefit from the real time tracking, analysis and communication.
  • Data visualizations from sensors and mobile technologies – – on the cycle improve whole team performance – – Solos smart eyewear for cyclists is an integral training tool for the USA Womens Cycling team.
  • Solos smart eyewear ensures cyclists see the data from mobile apps – – The @SolosWearables team, in collaboration with MIT Sports Technology research experts, validated an optimal design of Solos, with sound data analytic models.

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