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Dave Haase rides with IoT data, and insights from IBMs Watson

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  • With analytics, Dave gains the support he needs to not only ride 3,000 miles in nine days, but to win the race.
  • The internet of Dave includes Shimano D-Fly, Qurq Power Meter, Equivital harness, Di2 DFly, AT&T Network and New Galaxy S7 Active equipment, Satellite connection, Wifi access, as well as Garmin Connect technology in addition to local weather data.
  • All of these devices will provide information about Daves speed, cadence (or RPMs), power, core temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, as well as upcoming weather changes and storm alerts.
  • All of the data from these devices will stream to the Watson IoT Analytics Platform where itis analyzed, digested, and simplified, and then fed back to Daves support team who can then inform himhow he should proceed.
  • With a medical team monitoring his health, analytical breakdowns from the Watson IoT Platform, and constant support and connection to his fans, Dave is uniquely qualified and prepared to complete this herculean journey.

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Three Ways to Make Content Part of Your Design Strategy

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  • Three Ways to Make Content Part of Your DesignStrategyWritten by: Leigh Bryant – You know what they say: Its a content-driven world, and were all living in it.
  • At the audit stage, youll need to determine two things: what kinds of content there are (articles, videos, images, interactive modules, and so on) and how much of each of those will be featured in the future.
  • Probably, however, you dont. Unless theres a content expert on staff able to provide the resources to you, you want to, at minimum, get all of the content types established and at least a general sense of which ones are most important to the business.
  • But its also harder, because youll need to determine what kinds of content could be used, and in what ways youll be using them.
  • We cant claim to be creating anything like user-centred designs if were not thinking about the content the users interact with from the earliest stages of our work.

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RateICO – Trust Rank & Experts Platform for ICO Market

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  • The platform consists of experts in the spheres of IT, blockchain, business, financial & marketing who are looking at the emerging ICO market with professional cautious optimism.
  • Stars token creates utility for platform, and with STR you can: – – – – Earn STR as experts on platform Use STR on ICO Marketplace Earn STR as translator Earn STR in affiliate program Participate in an auction as ICO project As points for ideas, competitions Teams and…
  • Greater Los Angeles Area Simon Cocking Senior Editor Irish Tech News | co-founder, Editor in Chief CryptoCoin.News | ICO Advisor – – Company founder / writer / journalist / content creator / digital marketing advisor – – Winner of Irish Web Awards 2014, best Science & Technology category Winner 2016…
  • With huge experience in business development, Partner & Co-founder in few new and exciting software companies, Mentor at StartupBootcamp and work closely with regulators to boost the ecosystem surrounding the innovative technologies he finds interesting.
  • Thailand With huge experience in business development, Partner & Co-founder in few new and exciting software companies, Mentor at StartupBootcamp and work closely with regulators to boost the ecosystem surrounding the innovative technologies he finds interesting.Thailand – – Do you have expirience in Cryptoworld or Blockchain?

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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”topfeed-embedly”]Rate ICO – Blockchain Professional Network & Experts Platform for ICOs, Buy token on ICO market, ICO`s tracker list and countdown March 2018, The ICO initial coin offering October[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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