IOT News Friday, March 9 Google search, Google search teach, Dmitry buterin & more…


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Karl Smith Experience Consultant, IoT3, UCD | 20 Cool Things Google Search Can Do

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  • With google search you can solve for geometrical shapes such as circle, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, ellipse etc.
  • Type solve and add a shape e.g. solve triangle, click the search button and it will return you with a calculator to solve that shape.
  • Although currency conversions could be done via Google Currency Converter but if you want to perform currency conversion directly from Google search bar then just type the currency you want to convert from and into like this: 100 gbp to usd.
  • Type in Google Timer and a box will pop up, allowing you to enter any amount of time, for example 45 seconds.
  • You can see all previous Google Doodles at anytime by simply going to, and hittingIm Feeling Luckywithout typing anything in search box or you can just clickhere.

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The Need New Rules & Real Decentralization! – Rate ICO –

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  • Buterins Cowardice Arrogant spittle in the direction of the crypto community.A bit of philosophy about Freedom and Blockchain.As in any ideal system of slavery.
  • Can ICO project get out of this game and sayIm real owner of the tokens that I released.
  • First i wrote to Vitalik Buterin in twitterthere ignor – Then i wrote in linkedin (Dmitry Buterin was in my professional network)But no reaction: – Then i wrote in likedin Dmitry Buterin Youre just a coward – Dmitry Buterin Youre just a coward, because you ignore my messages.
  • DAGs (Directed Acyclic Graphs), – DAGs in DAGs will give freedom Real Decentralization.Opensource Network, no fees, – We will start to developing Fibonacci under Rate ICO and will use it as Pioneer:) Quant messengerindependent, decentralized and every message will boost all network.
  • Its not difficult to understand what the killing of a dragonit is not the tame of dragon.

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How to Build an IoT Product Roadmap

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  • An IoT roadmap needs to show the product direction as well as the impact of new features in a way that makes sense for all stakeholders.
  • The key to creating a solid IoT product roadmap is to balance a high-level view of the end-to-end product with more detailed views at each layer of the IoT Technology Stack.
  • For your IoT roadmap to convey the full story, you need to provide another level of detail describing the features of the high-level roadmap across the IoT Technology Stack.
  • I like to combine story mapping with the IoT Technology Stack to show how features align to the various layers of the end-to-end IoT product.
  • Suggested reading: A Product Management Framework for the Internet of Things – – You can also use the story mapping roadmap to coordinate multiple engineering teams across various layers of the IoT Technology Stack.

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