IOT News Thursday, March 8 Asset sales ubinet-p-token, Issues thingcoin, Leonardo da vinci & more…

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  • #ubinetus has released 200 #UbiNETcToken which issue #ThingCoin at a fixed asset price of $500,000 the #Fiat raised will be used to build the first fully functioning @UbiNET this is costed as being $100,000,000.
  • To note interest respond here #Crypto #FCFSthe current structure is; – – ThingCoin Data management of unique id = 100,000,000 for building the first system, they will be issued by manufactures so there will be Trillions of them ultimately – – Asset sales UbiNET-p-Token from Central Release, a secondary…

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  • This edition of 20 Questions is with Karl Smith; CEO of Paradigm Interactions and an acknowledged leader in the field of Human-Centered Design, User Experience and Usability.
  • I think our business world is at last understanding that a wide experience is highly valuable, the T shaped person being the current terminology.
  • For me Leonardo da Vinci did not just have a diverse experiences he could link them together to get a 360-degree view from any single starting point.
  • It was the presentation of the solution to them, there were a couple of other people from the consultancy side, the client agreed and signed off the solution during the meeting.
  • He has a wide experience in management consultancy and digital technology and has been honoured by the British Computer Society for his eminence in IT leadership over the last 15 years with a Fellowship.

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  • Arcona is the most massive ARICOThere is quite a frequent confusion in general understanding and use of the terms of Virtual and Augmented Reality, at least when it comes to the Arcona project perception.
  • So, Augmented Reality (AR) kind of adjusts real environment by adding graphics, sounds, haptic components and sometimes even smells to the natural world as it exists.
  • As for Virtual Reality, it gives the user a lasting feeling of being inside of some computerized imaginary world.
  • It gives an opportunity to embed the users installations remotely in any location on the planet allowing to build entire worlds integrated into the real environment.
  • Our business model is based on the promotion and development of new technologies in the field of Augmented Reality for real life projects that include advertising, construction, landscaping and tourism.

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Top IOT Courses

Internet of Things (IoT) Automation using Raspberry Pi 2 (1,358 students enrolled)

By Venkatesh Varadachari
  • Read the raw temperature of the multiple sensors using Linux command.
  • Program the sensors to display the updated temperature after a delay of every 10 seconds.
  • Receive an automated email alert when the temperature crosses a certain limit.
  • Connect the sensors to an open source cloud and access the temperature in a web dashboard from anywhere.
  • Retrieve the complete month statistics by visiting the web portal.

Learn more.

Start the Internet of Things (IoT) from scratch (96 students enrolled)

By Dr. Kobkiat Saraubon
  • Build your own IoT projects using NodeMCU based on Arduino platform
  • Write programs to control your hardware
  • Connect your IoTs to cloud services to store/process/share some data

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