IOT News Wednesday, March 7 Complete smm platform, Priceless time, Cyber arms race & more…


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    Malware attacks surpass 9 billion as cyber threats dominate business priorities

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    • Research has revealed that cyber-attacks are the number one threat businesses will be faced with in 2018, as the number of malware variants increases.
    • SonicWall has revealed its Cyber Threat Report, which recorded an 18.4% year on year increase in the number of malware attacks last year taking the total to 9.32bn.
    • The research did however demonstrate ransomware attacks have reduced over the last two years, down to 184m from 645m, but the number of new Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) totalled 14,500 increasing by 101.2%.
    • This suggests cybercriminals are finding new ways to target businesses, as common attacks become more well-known and preventable.
    • In 2017 the number of unique malware samples were 51.4% higher than 2014, demonstrating new malware cocktails had been developed to target individuals.

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    IoT Security Disconnect: As Attacks Spike, Device Patching Still Lags

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    • According to a report by Trustwavereleased last week, 61 percent of companies surveyed who have deployed some level of connected technology have also had to deal with a security incident that they can trace back to an IoT device.
    • Despite calls for greater IoT security, 24 percent of respondents said they have dealt with malware infiltration through an IoT device.
    • Most organizations are 10 to 20 years behind in their security practices when it comes to IoT, and theyre repeating the same security mistakes as they have in the past, including storing their credentials in plain text, Michel Chamberland, practice lead for Trustwave SpiderLabs, told Threatpost.
    • And in October, security firms Check Point andNewSky Securitywarnedhackers were swapping scripts on forums to scan the internet for vulnerable IoT devices and then dump weak credentials from them, potentially enabling them to eventually launch full-scale DDoS attacks.
    • Chamberland said that businesses can take several steps to mitigate IoT-related threats including adopting a patching policy to make sure that IoT devices are addressed in that procedure.

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