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  • This cognitive landscape is inhabited by associated experiences that gel human behaviour and machine interfaces through, touch, mouse and keyboard.
  • The diversification of these touch points and multi-point human logic models clash and derail human thinking patterns.
  • What is the problem, its simple enough for machine to machine communication why is there an issue with humans in this machine landscape?
  • If humans are enabled by digital, do we still need attributed thinking to understand interactive artefacts, can they just be something new?
  • If human multi-tasking in a machine landscape desirable if each system operates differently what impact is there in the real world?

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  • For that we turned to Sam Shawki, the founder and chief executive officer of MagicCube, a digital mobile security start-up located in Silicon Valley.
  • We asked him about connected cars, mobile security, and whats in store for the future.
  • When people talk about connected cars and especially self-driving cars, many worry about the safety around driving, without immediately thinking about the security behind all of the connections that are required for the connected cars infrastructure to thrive.
  • The beauty of such experience is that the financial industries historically pioneered other industries like aerospace and connected cars, and established standards that other industries adopt.
  • While running global remote payments for Visa, which was under the digital and innovation side of the business, Visa and MasterCard created tokenization and figured out how to secure those tokens by asking device makers like Apple to house the tokens in their hardware.

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