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  • Developed over two years ago with Googles Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP), VivaInks tech tattoo, a paper thin adhesive digital tattoo designed to be worn on the wrist, was the first commercialized product of its kind at the time.
  • Not quite a tattoo per say, the functional device is a small disposable patch that can be painlessly stuck onto a users arm, leg or abdomen, to measure the bodys glucose levels via the skin.
  • With such potential, the electronic tattoo is poised to revolutionize medicine and Yael Hanein, head of Tel Aviv Universitys Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, the tattoo consists of carbon electrode with an adhesive surface that attaches to the skin and a nanotechnology-based conductive polymer coating that enhances the electrodes performance….
  • With plans to keep it affordable and accessible, we predict that DuoSkinwill not stand alone in the realm of on-skin electronic tattoos, especially withcompanies such as Austin basedsoftware design firm Chaotic Moon Studiowho recently debuted their concept of tech tattoos using conductive paint.
  • With convenience being one of the corner stones of consumer targeted technology, it is not too far fetched to imagine tech tattoos going beyond being just for the cool set, we predict that with advanced technology embedded in them, temporary tattoos will soon appeal to everyone whether they adorn it…

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  • Java is an open source, platform independent and most preferable technology, as well as global standard, for implementing every kind of app, including web-based, client-server, cloud, mobile and enterprise.
  • Oracle offers a secure, comprehensive, integrated platform for the whole IoT architecture across all vertical markets, with key features that include: – – Java remains the number one choice among developers and is the leading development platform in the world, with millions of Java developers worldwide.
  • A recent survey suggests that Java is gaining strength for developing embedded IoT apps.
  • Java programmers are often using the programming language for IoT gateways.
  • Java developers and programmers are working on developing innovative IoT applications, which help in achieving the goal of a connected world.

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  • The world is experiencing a state of unprecedented connectivity thanks to technology.
  • Even though technological devices can quickly and easily connect, humans from different parts of the world often can?t.

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  • Program the sensors to display the updated temperature after a delay of every 10 seconds.
  • Receive an automated email alert when the temperature crosses a certain limit.
  • Connect the sensors to an open source cloud and access the temperature in a web dashboard from anywhere.
  • Retrieve the complete month statistics by visiting the web portal.

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Start the Internet of Things (IoT) from scratch (96 students enrolled)

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  • Write programs to control your hardware
  • Connect your IoTs to cloud services to store/process/share some data

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