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The IoT User Experience Urgency

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  • IT Ops, which are increasingly becoming a part of DevOps teams, can learn from and share their experiences with data management and analytics teams as well as business teams.
  • It makes sense to bring application governance and data governance together because they share a common goal: ensuring that users have access to the highest quality data at the point of decision to optimize business outcomes and mitigate risks.
  • The Path to ROI and Risk Management Objectives – – This environment necessitates communication and collaboration among IT and business teams to proactively anticipate, identify and resolve application performance and user experience problems.
  • Multiple studies, including ours and the annual Puppet Labs State of DevOps report confirm that companies taking a strategic approach to user experience and application performance outperform their respective peer groups in financial metrics and market performance.
  • By capturing data from embedded sensors and applying advanced analytics to provide customers using their equipment with deeper insights, they could close out what will become the lions share of the IoT user experience market.

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#IoT People in #London – Paradigm Interactions

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  • So Im putting this list together of some really smart people Ive come across recently as we all work towards making the open IoT a reality.
  • This is a personal list and not exhaustive.

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Earn Loyalty with a Sales to Service Handoff

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  • Imagine you have a major appliance like a washing machine thats stopped working.
  • It could be and in many cases, SHOULD be the experience a customer receives from the car dealership.
  • The Sales to Service HandoffThe sales-to-service handoff that you know is when your customers have bought a new vehicle and youre introducing them to the dealership.
  • The customer feels immediate loyalty.
  • Theres an excellent chance the customer will repair their vehicle today and come back to you soon to find a new one.

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Making Sense of The Money in Cryptocurrencies – All The Internet Of Things

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  • Help support the best source of IoT news on the web – – This site was created by James Chevalier in 2010, and has remained self-funded since then.
  • You can help support the site by signing up for a low-cost monthly subscription.
  • In return for your contribution: – – The price of the subscription is $2 per month (USD).

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Center For Performance Improvement – Leadership Training

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