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The Rest of the Iceberg – The Looming IP Implications of the Industrial Internet of Things

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  • Its about inter-networking not just traditional computing devices, such as personal computers, laptops, or media centers, but also a host of other objects, such as thermostats, coffee makers, cars, lights, security systems, employee badges, watches, and toothbrushesto name just a few that have been folded into the IoT world.
  • The Industrial IoT (IIoT) applies the same concept as the above consumer-facing example, only on a much larger scale and for more specific purposes.
  • As IoT technology matures, disparate IIoT systems are merging towards each other similar to the consumer IoT world, leading to many potential conflicts.
  • For example, GE Predix and IBM Bluemix are already in a collision course as each expands into the analytics space of the IIoT, and the permeating presence of the lighting industry seems destined to spark a wave of litigations as each player vies to upgrade the existing lighting solutions to…
  • Companies who help set a standard often have invested great time and money developing the technology on which the standard may rely, including securing intellectual property (IP) rights like patents to protect that investment.

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80+ Free Data Science Books

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  • An archive of all O’Reilly data ebooks is available below for free download.
  • Dive deep into the latest in data science and big data, compiled by O’Reilly editors, authors, and Strata speakers: – – There are several selections starting from 2012 Ebooks to 2016 Ebooks.

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Machine Learning and AI trends for 2018: What to Expect?

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  • This can be done by analyzing patients history and all their records so AI will be able to understand the mechanism of disease, thus enabling doctors to be proactive instead of reacting.
  • They can come in many forms virtual nurses in the smartphone that are able to recognize warning signs and call for help or real robots that can monitor patients, alarm doctors and send notifications in case there is such need.
  • Now, this is something any company should be interested in because it is: – – Of course, certain processes will still be performed by people however, the application of AI will make financial industry more stable and efficient.
  • Even though there is a concern that robots may replace people at work, there will always be operators and those who construct these robots, so no need to panic but might be a good idea to start learning about robotization, especially if you work in the IT industry.
  • Summing up, AI and machine learning are dedicated to simplifying our lives and work processes and improving certain industries to our benefit.

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FogHorn to showcase edge machine learning and device management with Intel and Wind River

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  • At the conference, FogHorn will showcase its scalable solution for predictive maintenance, created in partnership with Intel, using machine learning and advanced complex event processing.
  • Additionally, FogHorn will showcase its integration with the Wind River product portfolio, including Wind River Helix Device Cloud, Wind River Titanium Control, and Wind River Linux with its breakthrough edge analytics and machine learning platform, Lightning.
  • FogHorns Lightning product portfolio brings a groundbreaking dimension to industrial IoT (IIoT) by embedding edge intelligence directly into small-footprint IIoT devices.
  • By collaborating with Intel and Wind River, FogHorns customers now have the power of the worlds most compact, advanced and feature-rich edge intelligence solution, delivering unprecedented low latency for onsite data processing, real-time analytics, machine learning and AI capabilities.
  • Hall 4 Booth 361: In booth 361, FogHorn and Wind River will showcase the combined capabilities of the integration of their two products, Lightning and Device Cloud.

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Yicai Global – China Business News

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