Ethereum News Monday, April 2 Easter/passover holiday weekend, Super sweet deal, Okoin token reserve & more…


Ethereum News TLDR / Table of Contents

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  • All that means is that the price of PTM fluctuates with the price of ETH.
  • ETH is currently discounted at nearly 50% from 800$ value it was at the start of Potentiam ICO.
  • The first 500 contributors to contribute at least .5 ETH will receive a 50% bonus on their purchase!!
  • Contribute now to make catch this super sweet deal and accumulate PTM for an absolute rock bottom price!
  • **Only first 500 contributors will receive this deal – – **You must contribute at least .5 ETH to qualify – – We are now accepting other means of participating in the token sale.

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OKOIN at a Profit of 44% as ETH Price Drop – –

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  • OKOIN at a Profit of 44% as ETH PriceDropToday, the exchange rate of Ethereum (ETH) is $389.
  • And, to compensate its drop, we freeze the exchange rate in the OKOIN project at the level of 1 ETH = $700.
  • What does this mean for you personally?This means that at the current rate at the exchanges you can buy almost 2 times more OKOIN tokens and as a result: – You are protected from the Ethereum price drop, because OKOIN tokens are backed by physical goods and services of the…
  • At the time of entering the exchanges, the OKOIN token will have a fixed price of $9.20, which does not depend on the current exchange rate fluctuations.You can earn 2 times more on the affiliate program and get a VIP ticket to a private party OKO Stars.You can create your…
  • Use it to your own advantage withOKOIN!BUY OKOIN!

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BTC Breaks Back Over $7,000 As Crypto Markets Continue To See Slow Growth

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  • BTC is currently trading at around $7,131, up a little more than 5 percent over at 24 hour period to press time.
  • Vechain (VEN), a Blockchain-based supply chain enhancement platform, has seen some of the highest gains this week, as South Koreas largest crypto exchange Bithumb added the Vechain token to its listing.
  • Also contributing to Vechains price rise is the re-confirmation of an earlier announced partnership with the BMW Startup Garage which was thrown into doubt by a tweet from BMWs official Twitter on March 20.
  • However, BMW Startup Garage confirmed the partnership on March 31 on Twitter, sending Vechains price back up.
  • VEN is currently up by more than 20 percent over a 24 hour period, trading at around $2.75 by press time.

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