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Bitcoin Cloud Airdrop # 1

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  • Rules:Follow us on twitter Retweet Pin Post use #BTC2 , @btccloud tagsTotal Supply # 20M4M Coins Will be Airdrop For FreeLimited to 10,000More Information Coming Soon…!!!!
  • Airdrop Date 5 May 2018

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Social Wallet

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  • Social Wallet Inc. has developed a platform that allows one social media account to send cryptocurrency to another social media account, even if the recipient is not expecting it or has never heard of it.
  • Simply by knowing an individual or group’s social media username, users can send cryptocurrency in a matter of seconds.
  • What is the Social Wallet Initiative?
  • To achieve this, we are starting the Social Wallet Initiative.
  • The mission will be to get people to share cryptocurrency with people and then to share those stories on social media and through this we can teach the world about the power of cryptocurrency.

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How to stop Facebook from stealing our data? — Steemit

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  • Knowing that these big internet companies are making most of their earnings by selling adds, and we are aware that they don’t have some extra moral values (Just look at the Facebook news from two days ago), it is hard to understand this decision.
  • Facebook has recognized that you are interested in certain product or service and then sold your data to companies that are selling that kind of product and want to advertise it.
  • There are already several blockchain based projects developing with the main goal to give personal data back in the hands of their owners.
  • Your data belongs to you, and if you decide to share it with different companies, you will earn PDATA Tokens that will be tradeable on cryptocurrency market.
  • Opiria ecosystem is directly connecting companies with consumers willing to sell their data, without any middleman.

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