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How Oracles connect Smart Contracts to the real world

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  • Oracles are trusted data feeds that send information into the Smart Contract, removing the need for Smart Contracts to directly access information outside their network, thus lightening their workload.
  • The utilization of real world data in Smart Contracts requires reliable Oracles.
  • In many businesses cases such as simple service retail or travel services, Oracles handle their task quite well, supplying basic yet crucial information to Smart Contracts that can then decide what to do afterwards.
  • Car rentals must evaluate if everything is in working order, but there are so many parts to an automobile that it would require a massive number of data feeds sending information into the Smart Contract and then pushing it onto the Blockchain.
  • LINK are attempting to smooth out this issue by creating the worlds first truly decentralized Oracle network, allowing Smart Contracts to securely connect to off-chain feeds such as APIs or widely-accepted payment systems.

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Swapy Network: The Solution for Universal Access to Credit!

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  • Swapy Exchange and Swapy Financial ID public beta on main net.
  • Public Connect with Swapy ID API available.
  • Anyone can use for any purpose and transact real tokens.
  • Swapy Data Market on private beta transacting real tokens and real data from Swapy Financial ID.

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  • features a cryptocurrency wallet that enables users to store Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies.
  • You can easily deposit cryptocurrencies or real money by bank transfer.
  • FIAT money is available for EUR, USD and SGD, and deposits can be made via Bank Transfer.

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