Ethereum News Saturday, March 10 Utemis limited liability, Decentralised b2b e-commerce, Bounty campaign & more…


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With this ICO we expect UTEMIS to be self-sustainable | UTEMIS

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  • The White Paper described what are the revenue sources for the UTEMIS Limited Liability Company.
  • As soon as we have reached the soft cap we will start a countdown for launching the UTEMIS Platform.
  • UTEMIS is a very scalable business model, the only linear cost line is the salespeople, that flattens out in a longer time or after we have reached over 50% in bandwagon effect for a particular country.
  • We view the UTEMIS Token as the second-best way of participating in the UTEMIS Project.
  • Being the first becoming a UTEMIS customer.

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  • The Floating Resort Saipan will include 75 Water-campers and houseboats, 2 restaurants, bar, fitness-center, diving-center – – and – – Offline and Online Casino powered by LeRT tokens – – To get more info refer to – – – – – – – – – – – – – -…
  • To be able to receive Lottery Prizes each Bounty Campaign participant should provide real name and real postal address at Legenrich Wallet 12.
  • In addition to rewards for work and participation in Bounty Campaign each participant who was eligible to receive at least 1 LeRT token for any Bounty Section on previous week will take part in Bounty Lottery.
  • Every Legenrich Bounty Campaign participant, who earned at least 1 LeRT is eligible to win.
  • The Best Bounty Campaign Participant – – – – At the end of pre-ICO part of Campaign 30 April 2018 Legenrich will select one Bounty Campaign participant, who contributed the most in distribution of LeRT tokens and will reward him/her with: – – – – – – This prize recipient…

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Binance 5,000 Ethereum Giveaway

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  • Step 6: If you see the text as on screenshot below you can click next button.
  • Step 6.2: If you don’t see that message, i’m sorry, i can’t help you ^^ – – Step 6.3: If you see text We are sorry, this email is already registered then you are already registered (yeah i see that message and can’t abuse free eth).
  • Step 7: Type Amount (recommended to reserve a 50 eth since you can do it ONE time), and click reserve.
  • Step 8: Copy your unique pay address, and pay amount {it’s 10% of amount of Step7} – – Step 8.1: If you don’t have enough money, it’s ok!
  • And also to other guys for screenshots!

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