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Hurify Phase 1 — Capability As A Service (CAAS) – Hurify –

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  • Hurify Phase 1Capability As A Service(CAAS)A growing number of companies are building IoT products, from sprinklers controlled by remote controllers to fridges that order more milk when supplies run low, as internet connectivity has moved from a fixed phone line to a smart mobile phone, watch or other wearable devices….
  • Hurify, an innovative smart contract platform, is addressing the ground level talent problem of building core capabilities in engineers and helping them to connect with IoT product development opportunities, in addition to building IoT technologies itself.
  • Hurify creates a blockchain marketplace that facilitates connections between clients wanting to create IoT products and the best developers who can build their products.
  • Advantages of Hurify: – Cryptocurrency Payments for international partnerships – Decentralized Ethereum-based platform driven by smart contracts – Quick concept to prototype transition – Lower IoT development cost with no additional charges or fees – Multi-signature escrow between the client and developer – Ability for client to find the right…
  • When a client has a requirement to build an IoT product or solution, they can post the requirement in the Hurify platform and look for the right developers to create it with HUR tokens.

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Vestarin: Project of the Future – Identifying the Best Cyptocurrency Trends

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  • This is especially truewhen it comes to the integration of small enterprises and establishments into the crypto industry,large companies will not be gone, but it will be difficult for small businesses to follow the best trends without the help of projects like the Vestarin.
  • To satisfy the demand for quality and fast payments with cryptocurrency, the Vestarin platform has been developed – it is a multifunctional platform founded in 2017 by the international team of developers led by Said Radzhabov.
  • With the latest changes in the world, it is obvious that ICO for the team won’t be a problem, since the integration of cryptocurrencies tool for mass payments has become a key trend in the industry in its new conditions.
  • While many people are only exploring the industry, the Vestarin has already mastered it, giving tremendous opportunities for consumers and businesses of all sizes.
  • Be more informed from trusted people about new ICO start-ups before investing in them, as well as about a lot more features such as informational base, news, forum and mining farms market, in order for businesses to integrate an establishment or a shop in any country and get a profit…

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Buzzshow- A Revolutionary Social Video Network Platform Powered by Blockchain Technology

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  • BuzzShow is a fully developed reward-based social media video network that rewards the users with BuzzShowGoldies for producing, sharing and viewing videos.
  • BuzzShow has initiated a system where creators are remunerated based on the value which other stakeholders place on their video contents.
  • Not just the creators, this system pays Goldies to video Curators every time they share videos and each time a video is viewed via their channel.
  • Viewers get to earn Goldies when they watch videos on the platform, and they can use these Goldies to pay for premium content from their favourite channels.
  • It is establishing a system of autocracy in the online video streaming industry where power lies with the creators and the viewers.

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