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EdTech News Tuesday, May 8 Matthew lynch, Higher education, Homework & more…

By Brian

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What’s new?

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Active Learning Strategies For Students

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    Does too much homework make students poor?

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    • According to a information within the Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), having too much homework may actually make you poor.
    • The study also found that homework has no correlation to high academic success.
    • Staying with that theme, the study shows that if kids receive too much homework, they become sleep deprived and stressed out.
    • Study after study shows that homework in early grades is unnecessary and does not contribute to a childs long-term academic success.
    • While it doesnt advocate for doing away with homework, the study does defend the idea of lessening the homework burden that many children face.

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    STEM projects help ESOL students build skills and shine

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    • At Hunters Creek Middle School in Orlando, FL the schools 165 ESOL students speak 32 different languages and are gaining confidence and language skills using STEM and project-based learning (PBL).
    • One of the great things about Defined STEM is that the students are able to access the lesson directions and rubric in many different languages, said Ms. Ramirez.
    • During the 2014-15 school year Ms. Ramirezs ESOL students worked on several STEM projects.
    • Defined STEM had a lot of articles and videos within students Lexile levels that helped them get started but then they had to go find additional resources outside of Defined STEM, shared Ms. Ramirez.
    • Ms. Ramirez has a strong background in teaching ESOL students and believes that a digital PBL STEM curriculum is a highly effective method to teach students both language and curricular skills.

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    The Edvocate’s List of 27 Assessment Apps, Tools, and Resources

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    • Succinctly, grades represent the extent to which the learner has met the defined objectives.
    • Before beginning a learning activity, teachers should think of and choose the assessment criteria; students appreciate a grading system that is fair, consistent, and easy to understand.
    • Assessment serve the following purposes: – – Youll be required to adhere to your school districts grading policy, which will be provided to you.
    • In order to make assessment easier, there are several edtech companies that sell apps and tools.
    • We decided to create a list of 27 of the best assessment apps, tools and resources for teachers, so you wont have to do a ton of research to find the ones that work for you.

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    8 Essentials for a Virtual School that Works

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    • Many students choose a virtual school to replace their traditional school schedules partially or completely for a few reasons.
    • At the same time, students who struggle in social settings or who do not find courses at their traditional schools challenging may find virtual school a blessing.
    • Virtual schools can meet this demanding schedule without causing students to miss a lot of instruction because courses can be worked on at any time, so long as deadlines for assignments and tests are met.
    • Due to the collaborative efforts these classes require between a student and their teacher, this relationship falls at the center of virtual education more than it ever did with traditional schools.
    • They can turn struggling stories into success cases just as much as they open up more experiences for students who have high achievement abilities that are not met otherwise in a traditional school.

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