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Google Tour Builder for any Subject

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  • Google Tour Builder is one of my favorite lesser-known Google tools.
  • After doing several posts on different aspects of the tool, I figured it was time to give it the full treatment of a video training webinar.
  • For those not familiar with the tool, – Google Tour Builder allows you and your students to create – virtual tours on a map, including – locations, – images, – videos, – descriptions, – hyperlinks, and more.
  • See below for my – 1-hour video training webinar on Google Tour Builder for any Subject.
  • Video Training (1 hour) – – VIDEO – – – – – Session Slideshow – – – – – – – Session Resources – – – – Sample Tours: – – – – Webinar Files: – – – Session Chat: If you have any questions or comments during the session,…

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Fiction Teaches Kids to Read—and to Live

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  • An author of childrens and young adult books celebrates the value of fiction for building empathy, combatting bullying, and preparing kids for real-life challenges.
  • The ability to explore and rehearse in fiction gives kids courage to explore in real life.
  • This is why its so important that the fiction we give kids reflects the kind of diversity they will encounter in real life.
  • Afterwards, the librarian always tells me that all the kids want to check out Agatha Christie books.
  • Michael Dahl is the author of more than 100 books for children and young adults, specializing in the mystery and creepy fiction genre.

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Tenure: 3 Groups Fighting Against Bad Teachers

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  • Nine public school students in the state brought on this case and challenged a set of laws one of which gives teachers in California tenure as soon as 18 months into their careers.
  • Judge Rolf M. Treu ruled in favor of the group, Students Matter, and against teachers unions in a decision that mayturn over how the states teachers are both hired and fired in California.
  • Students Matter believes the laws allow ineffective teachers to stay on board and that low-income, minority students suffer as a result when less-desired educators make their way into their classrooms.
  • Senator Harry Brown introduced this proposal and pointed out that the budget plan would boost North Carolina to 27th in pay ranking for teachers in the U.S. Teachers in North Carolina will be ranked at 37th in pay though if the Houses plan is approved instead.
  • Representative Brian Holloway says he is glad to see that the Senate would no longer make pay raises contingent on whether or not teachers give up tenure, but also pointed out that the Senate wants to pay for the plan with the money gained through the elimination of teacher assistants….

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Cut through the clutter: One start-up offers a method for rating education technology

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  • But unlike restaurant review sites that let people opine about their meals under the cloak of anonymity, the system created byG2 Crowdrequires reviewers to log in through their LinkedIn accounts.
  • The site isnt devoted entirely to education technology, but it provides some reviews of programs used by schools.
  • AtThe Hechinger Report, weve written about educators who are overwhelmed and, at times, underwhelmed by the number of options for education technology programs and products.
  • Graphite, for instance, is a site that provides freereports on educational games, websites and apps, all based on educator reviews.
  • For more news about educational technology and blended learning, sign up for our free Blended Learning newsletter, delivered to your inbox every Tuesday.

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How to Get More Women in Edtech

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  • Training programs and career development in this field should emphasize the malleability of the discipline, and allow women of any age to be creative in the development and promotion of educational technology.
  • Displays, demonstrations, and exhibits showing women how they can help others through the use of educational technology will help attract more women to a field that is otherwise seen as self-serving and clerical in nature.
  • Educational technology should be integrated in all associations developed with young women in mind, such as the Girl Scouts of the USA.
  • Young girls should be shown, through classroom demonstrations, informational videos, and other sources, why educational technology is important.
  • The bottom line is that to attract women to the field of educational technology, more has to be done to show them why it matters both to them and to others.

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